Exchange Council Election 2024

    The Exchange Council as one of the four exchange bodies of the exchange is elected every three years. Therefore all exchange participants are categorized into four groups according to their core business and elect their representatives within these groups.

    The next election will take place in May 2024.

    If you have questions or consider a candidacy, please do not hesitate to contact the Election Committee under

    2024-02-20 Bulletin 2_Election Committee_Mitteilung 2_Wahlauschuss (DE & EN) Documents pdf (107 KB)
    2024-02-14 EEX Exchange Council Information - Grouping of Exchange Participants Documents pdf (223 KB)
    2024-01-22 EEX Exchange Council Election_Information.pdf Documents pdf (153 KB)
    2024-01-16 Bulletin 1_Election Committee_Mitteilung 1_Wahlauschuss (DE & EN) Documents pdf (49 KB)
    2020-11-11 Saechsische_Boersenrechtsdurchfuehrungsverordnung_DE.pdf Documents pdf (142 KB)
    2020-11-11 Saxon_Exchange_Law_Execution_Ordinance_EN.pdf Documents pdf (381 KB)

    Election committee

    Denny Wientzek

    Chairman Election Committee


    Katrin Kretschmer

    Committee member


    Diana Klauke

    Committee member


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