“Customers can select real-time data with the EEX Group DataSource ExcelTool and use Excel analytics to create their preferred views.”

    Daniel Köhler, Head of Information Services

    Our Service for You

    The ExcelTool allows users to receive real-time commodity and transparency data. The ExcelTool is part of EEX Group DataSource services.

    What data is provided?

    • Historical & current data
    • Trading and order book data as well as  transparency data
    • Prices and volumes
    • Settlement prices & indices

    What features are given by the ExcelTool?

    • Excel analytics

    Your Advantages

    • 24/7 highspeed access to the EEX Group market data and transparency data
    • Real-time data display through automatic data import
    • Tailor-made design and selection of data

    How to connect

    • Easy access via Excel plug-in
    • Direct download of plug-in from EEX Website
    • Accessible online as well as offline

    Modules and Price List

    Follow the link to find the current Price List.


    Publishing date Title File
    2024-05-06 EEX Group Datasource ExcelTool - Installer msi (6 MB)
    2024-05-06 EEX Group DataSource ExcelTool - User Guide pdf (1 MB)
    2020-07-17 EEX Group DataSource ExcelTool - Technical Specifications pdf (168 KB)


    Market Data Services

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