Are you looking for EEX Group Market or Transparency Data?

    EEX Group DataSource provides you data access to:

    • Power, Natural Gas, Environmentals, Agriculturals, and Global Commodities Markets
    • EEX Transparency Data for Power, Natural Gas, Environmental Markets, and Renewables


    Service EEX Group
    Service Description Frequency
        Real-Time End-of-Day
    API Raw data in xml, csv and json X  
    Desktop App Customised quotes, charts,
    curves, data history
    ExcelTool Customised Excel analytics X  
    sFTP Aggregated and trade-specific
    data files in csv and xlsx
    Customised Solutions Online accessible views
    with customised solutions
    X X

    Are you looking for a real-time API with which you can connect your own applications?


    Experience real-time data access:

    • Current and historic data as well as Transparency Data
    • Fast and stable data provision for automatic interfaces
    • Data provision via xml, csv and json 


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    Would you like to create your own data views based on real-time data?

    Desktop App

    Observe Market Data in real-time and run your analysis

    • Trading and best Bid/Ask as well as Transparency Data
    • Prices, volumes, settlement prices and indices provided
    • Visualise, track and analyse real-time data
    • Build your own price alerts
    • More than 50 ready-to-use studies available for you to run

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    Prepare your own calculations with EEX Group Market Data:

    • Historical and current data as well as trading, best Bid/Ask and Transparency Data
    • Prices, volumes, settlement prices and indices provided
    • Automatic data import
    • Data export possible
    • Easy access online and offline via Excel Plug-in


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    Are you interested in end-of-day prices for your daily calculations?


    Download end-of-day data via a secured connection:

    • Subscriptions available for individual markets and market areas
    • Historical and current data provided as end-of-day data
    • Automatic and manual access via sFTP client
    • Easy to understand xlsx and csv formatted files
    • Full data history available


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    Would you like to share our EEX Group Market Data with clients and third parties?

    Dissemination License for Market Data

    Get your offer for EEX Group Market and Transparency Data for external usage as Market Data Vendor:

    • Receive and distribute data in raw or derived form
    • Flexible pricing tier system adapted to different use cases
    • Contact the Market Data Services Team to get to know more: or +49 341 2156-288


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    Do you need price transparency for your customers?

    Customised Solutions

    Receive preconfigured tables and charts on a tailor-made website of EEX:

    • Get price transparency for your customers
    • Available data: historical and current EEX Group trading and best Bid/Ask
    • Trustful price calculation and reliable publication
    • Save time and money: we create and publish your individual indices
    • Contact the Market Data Services Team to get to know: or +49 341 2156-288

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    Market Data Services

    +49 341 2156-288


    Order now your EEX Group DataSource products.


    EEX Group DataSource Circular

    Here you can find all EEX Group DataSource Circulars to stay up to date on all relevant information.

    If you are interested in updates and would like to receive our Circulars please contact our Market Data Services Team.


    Trading Calendar

    For all Commodities and Market Areas


    Data Solutions for your Pre- and Post-Trading

    Explore data-driven solutions for energy and commodity markets from leading companies on InsightCommodity. The online platform bundles service offers for analytic solutions, metrological forecasts, processed raw data, the latest market news, consultancy services for trading and risk management as well as the procurement of power and natural gas.


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