“With the Transparency Platform, we deliver high quality fundamental data for power and natural gas in Europe.”

    Sebastian Wykowski, Head of Transparency Services

    Our Service:

    • Real-time information on non-usability and other urgent market messages (UMMs) directly from market participants with production, consumption, storage and transmission facilities
    • Non-usability per unit data coverage starts with 10 MW limitation
    • Data enrichment through aggregation of non-usability per fuel type for the following 365 days 
    • Day +1 forecasts for gas consumption as well as for power production, consumption and storage
    • Hourly power and gas consumption and daily filling levels of power storage per country
    • Differentiation of hourly actual power production by source and facility
    • Wind & solar forecasts based on a multi model methodology 
    • with data from ECMWF, ICON, UKMET and GFS provided by our partner EuroWind

    Your Advantages:

    • Use the most recent fundamental data in Europe to fine tune your trading strategy
    • More than 1,000 urgent market messages per day
    • Improve your assessments of energy prices and other commodities based on the actual forecast, capacity and availability data
    • High availability and easy connectivity via the EEX Group Transparency API

    About EEX Group DataSource

    EEX Group DataSource is the highspeed connection to EEX Group market data and to transparency data for the energy market. EEX Group DataSource provides access to data for all tradable commodities of the EEX Group exchanges, as well as transparency data.

    Publishing date Title File
    2024-04-26 API Sample Files zip (90 KB)
    2024-04-26 EEX Group Transparency Data - API User Guide pdf (705 KB)
    2024-04-26 EEX Group Transparency Data - Interface Specifications pdf (1 MB)


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