“The agricultural markets represent one of the largest sub-asset classes in exchange commodity trading. Our products enable clients to manage their price risk on these markets while avoiding counterparty risk.”

    Sascha Siegel, Head of Agricultural Commodities

    Why trade Agricultural Derivatives on EEX?

    • Access to a broad range of commodity products
    • Hedging of price risks on the agricultural markets
    • Financial settlement based on reliable reference prices
    • Safe and reliable clearing and settlement processes via European Commodity Clearing (ECC)
    • Leading derivatives market for potatoes and dairy products in Europe

    Market price indices as the basis for prices on the potato market

    In the calculation of the index, recognised prices determined in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are used and condensed into an unweighted mean for one decitonne (100 kilograms) – the “European Processing Potato Index”. Historically, there is a 96 to 99 percent correlation between these listings. As a result, the index reflects the market price for processing potatoes for the production of chips within the European Economic Area.  

    Until further notice, the price base is determined with the help of the parameters listed below:

    • Processing potatoes for the production of chips
    • Tuber size: 40mm +
    • Portfolio of potato types: Fontane, Agria as well comparable types in terms of pricing and processing technology

    Futures positions which are still open after the last day of trading are settled financially at the final settlement price. This corresponds to the respective market price index.

    Financial settlement

    Potato futures are settled in the context of cash settlement upon maturity. In financial settlement reference prices are used which represent the value of the products actually traded (spot price). In all futures contracts, market price indices are used which reflect the market price and increase the transparency of the market as a result.

    Contract specifications*

    Potato Futures (EEX European Processing Potato Futures)

    Product ID


    Product ISIN



    European Processing Potato Index

    Contract volume/quotation

    25 metric tons



    Pricing and minimum price change

    Pricing in EUR per 100 kg; minimum price change: EUR 0.1 per 100 kg


    The next three maturity months from the April, June and November cycle as well as the respective following maturity month of April

    Trading hours

    Trade Registration: 09:50 to 16:00 (CET); until 16:00 (CET) on the last trading day
    Exchange Trading: 10:00 to 16:00 (CET); until 16:00 (CET) on the last trading day

    Last trading day

    • In the maturity months of April and November, the exchange trading day before the last Friday of the month
    • In the maturity month of June, the exchange trading day before the first Friday of the month


    Cash settlement, difference between the final settlement price and the settlement price of the previous exchange trading day

    Final settlement price

    Status of the respectively applicable index on the exchange trading day after the last day of trading, 9:30 (CET)

    *Please note that this document is exclusively intended for your information and is not legally binding. The legally binding contract specifications are available on the EEX website at Trading > Rules and regulations.

    Agricultural Commodities

    Sascha Siegel
    Head of Agricultural Commodities

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