The EEX Global Carbon Indices are designed to track the performance of major global compliance carbon markets.

    There is a strong global trend towards carbon pricing. About two-thirds of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement consider using carbon pricing to achieve emission reduction targets. As of 2022, about 17.7% of global emissions are covered by emissions trading schemes (ETS) – this share has increased strongly over the past years.

    With the introduction of the EEX Global Carbon Indices, EEX supports global climate ambition by providing a daily approximation for a global carbon price.

    EEX Global Carbon Index Extended*

    The EEX Global Carbon Index Extended provides a more comprehensive picture of global compliance carbon markets by including additional cap-and-trade emissions trading schemes.


    The index consists of:

    • EU ETS
    • California Cap and Trade
    • RGGI
    • UK ETS
    • China ETS
    • Korea ETS
    • NZ ETS

    EEX Global Carbon Index Core*

    The EEX Global Carbon Index Core focusses on the most liquid global markets in compliance carbon credits and comprises the following constituents which are weighted by the caps of the respective ETS.


    The index consists of:

    • EU ETS
    • CCA
    • RGGI
    • UK ETS

    EEX Global Carbon Index Family Advisory Committee

    The EEX Global Carbon Index Core and the EEX Global Carbon Index Extended are complemented by the EEX Global Carbon Index Family Advisory Committee, which brings together the expertise of key players in carbon markets from the industrial sector, finance, and international organisations.

    The main purpose of the Committee is to provide guidance or share experience with respect to the identification of eligible constituents of the index to be in line with the selection criteria. EEX may consult with the EEX Global Carbon Index Family Advisory Committee to assess the eligibility of potential future index constituents as well as potential future ineligibility of existing index constituents based on liquidity and maturity of the respective ETS. The Committee may also provide advice or share experience on market developments as well as recommendations on potential changes to the rules or the inclusion of additional indices. 

    The Committee uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that the main objective for the EEX Global Carbon Index Core and Extended is met: the provision of a clear and comprehensive picture of price developments in major carbon markets.

    These are the current members of the committee**:


    Company / institutional affiliation

    Dario Pabst (Desk Manager) ACT Financial Solutions
    Christian Alexander Müller (Head of Carbon Pricing/Emissions Trading) Evonik Operations GmbH
    Theresa Wildgrube (Senior Carbon Markets Expert)  International Carbon Action Partnership
    Izabela Ziegenhan (Carbon Market Analyst) RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
    Franz Pesendorfer (Managing Director, Strategic Commodity Solutions) UniCredit Bank AG
    Gergely Szabo (Investment Strategist) Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd.
    Joseph Pryor (Senior Climate Change Specialist) World Bank
    Ingo Ramming (Head of Carbon Markets) BBVA


    Please note that membership in the EEX Global Carbon Index Family Advisory Committee does not imply any form of endorsement of any of the indices or any underlying data.

    NZU prices are kindly provided by Jarden Securities Ltd.


    EEX Zero Carbon Freight Index*

    The EEX Zero Carbon Freight Index allows ship owners and charterers to understand the cost of carbon and the potential impact on freight rates resulting from the maritime sector’s inclusion in the EU ETS. Freight rates are calculated as the volume-weighted average prices for the front month FFA market, based on transactions cleared at EEX during the previous trading session (T-1). The EUA price is the last available daily settlement price (DSP) for EUA front December futures, traded on EEX in the previous trading session.

    The daily “Zero Carbon FFA” rate is calculated based on:

    • EEX Dry Freight FFA market
    • EEX EUA Futures contracts

    Learn more about the methodology >

    Find out more about the EU ETS for the maritime sector >


    These indices are published for information purposes only. Any commercial usage is forbidden. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to use these indices as the basis for financial or other derivative products. EEX AG provides all indices “as is”. EEX AG and any third party providing input data to the indices (“Data Provider”) make no representation and give no warranty, express or implied, regarding the indices, including (without limitation) in relation to their availability, suitability, quality, accuracy, timeliness, and/or completeness, and EEX AG and the Data Providers assume no liability in this regard. Any use of these indices is at the own risk of the user. Data Providers do not sponsor, endorse or recommend the indices provided by EEX AG.

    Index time series

    For each index, the following time series are published on the EEX Transparency Platform on a daily basis from Monday through Friday except for holidays as defined in the EEX Group trading calendar published on the EEX website.

    Index currency in EUR Index currency in USD
    • Spot Index
    • Total Return Index
    • Excess Return Index
    • Spot Index
    • Total Return Index
    • Excess Return Index

    Data and index methodology

    Overview Fact Sheet

    Get an overview of the EEX Global Carbon Index.

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    EEX Global Carbon Index time series

    The EEX Global Carbon Index time series are published on the EEX Transparency Platform.

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    Index methodology

    For more information on the index methodology, please have a look into the Index Description.

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    EEX Group Trading Calendar

    The EEX Group Trading Calendar is available on EEX Group’s website.

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