Chinese Carbon Market

    Based on the experiences of emissions trading schemes (ETS) on sub-national level for many years, China has started the operation of a national ETS in 2021. The national ETS covers more than four billion tCO2 from the power sector (approx. 40% of national emissions) and is expected to be a key policy instrument to achieve the country’s climate ambition. The scheme is set to be further developed over time, for instance, be rolled out into other industry sectors over time and introducing additional trading instruments such as carbon derivatives.

    EEX has been actively supporting the development of the Chinese carbon market in collaboration with local partners.

    • China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX)
    • China Emissions Exchange Guangzhou (CEEX)
    • Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE)

    EEX has also been engaged in various capacity-building activities in China for many years. This involves, in particular, the establishment of the necessary trading infrastructure.

    “International Workshop on the Construction, Operation and Supervision of an ETS Trading Platform in China” (March 2019)"

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    China Beijing Green Exchange (CBGEX)

    CBGEX was founded on Aug 5th, 2008 with the approval of the Beijing municipal government. CBGEX has established a professional market platform for trading various environmental equities including carbon credits (Beijing Emissions Allowances (BEA) and China Certified Emissions Reductions (CCER). CBGEX functions as a public platform that aims to utilise economic measures to address environmental issues, as a leading and well-constructed national-level environment exchange market, as a professional window for international environmental cooperation, and as an important market for trading environmental financial derivatives.

    • CBGEX presentation (in English)
    • CBGEX brochure (in English/Chinese)

    China Emissions Exchange Guangzhou (CEEX)

    CEEX provides a comprehensive platform for renewable energy assets and commodity products: renewable energy (photovoltaic power, wind power, etc.); and environmental commodities (emission allowances, carbon market index, etc.). The offering comprises Spot and Forward contracts.

    CEEX provides:

    • Access to trading the CEEX’s markets and products: Multiple options are available to directly or indirectly access CEEX – Get in touch for more information and to discuss the best individual solution for you.
    • Capacity building: Broad range of training services offered: introduction to exchange trading; renewable energy assets investment and financing trading; green finance business; ETS lectures and certificates of carbon trading and carbon finance
    • Green finance services: financing and investment based on emission assets, equities and debt
    • Data services: Access to market data for all renewable energy assets and commodity products traded within CEEX (Renewable energy, Emissions, carbon market index)
    • Access to foreign capital entry and exit: Effective and open NRA (Non-Resident Account) for Quantified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII)


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    Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE)

    Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE) was founded in 2008 as the first environment and energy exchange in China. Specialized in climate change mitigation and adaption services, SEEE provides services on carbon emissions trading, China Carbon Emission Reduction (CCER) trading, Carbon Allowance Forward trading, carbon financing, climate technology transfer, consultancy on low carbon development planning and strategies. Moreover, relying on the location advantage of international financial center, SEEE actively promotes green financing investment in the areas of Green Industry Fund, Green PPP Financing, International Green Capital Financing and Green Consulting Services to provide comprehensive low-carbon green investment and financing services.

    Regarding the establishment of the National Carbon Market in China, Shanghai will take the lead in undertaking the construction of operation and maintenance of the national carbon emissions trading system. Meanwhile, SEEE, as the National Carbon Market Capacity Building (Shanghai) Center, continues to build the carbon trading capacities of other provinces and municipalities in China and serve the construction of the national carbon market.

    Qualifications include: The designated carbon trading platform for Shanghai; One of the designated trading platforms for China Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) trading; A network member of the UN Climate Technology Centre and Network.


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