EEX Frontends

    EEX provides multiple connectivity options to access its markets, the so-called “front-ends”. Each access type is designed for simplicity and compatibility with the Trayport systems or in-house solutions.

    Depending on the individual requirements, customers can select the right solution from various front-end alternatives and our Service Desk Connectivity Team would be happy to advise you.

    EEX GV Portal

    EEX offers an interface (GV Portal) which can be used to connect to EEX markets via Trayport© Joule with minimal effort. With this interface it is possible to use a range of main trading functionalities.

    With GV Portal, trading on the derivatives market as well as the spot market is supported in one technical interface connection.

    Publishing date Title File
    2023-12-27 Global Vision mapping file for EEX Gas Spot instruments xlsx (3 MB)
    2018-03-19 EEX GV Portal - Customer Operating Manual pdf (1 MB)


    The following settings can be configured in EEX GV Portal (if you require a setting to be changed, please send an E-mail to

    Member- and trader-specific settings in Eurex and ComXerv for the configuration of the EEX GV Portal

    General settings:
    potentialOrderMatching Pop-up a warning message before submitting an order if an order would immediately match. Default value is false.
    Additional settings for Eurex®:
    priceReasonabilityCheck Enables/disables the built-in price reasonability check. Default value is false.
    Trader-specific settings for Eurex® price format fields:
    Account Default value is “P1”.
    Open/Close code Default value is “O” (Open).
    Text No Default value.
    Trader-specific settings for ComXerv EEX® price format fields:
    Account Default value is “P”.

    Trader-specific settings are used in case an order is entered in the Trayport® front-end without entering a value for the respective price format field. If no trader-specific settings are configured in the EEX GV Portal either, the default values (as listed above) will be used.

    EEX Direct Screen Customers

    The workbook for the Gas Direct Screen and the instrument mapping files for the Trading Gateway are provided by EEX.

    EEX workbook and mapping are available for download in our downloads section. For more information, please contact our Market Operations team.

    Publishing date Title File
    2023-12-01 Trayport GlobalVision 8.11 zip (6 MB)
    2018-01-01 Trayport GlobalVision Product User Guide pdf (1 MB)
    2017-05-31 GV Installation and Connection Guide pdf (755 KB)
    “With our ‘EEX TT Screen’ we offer an additional option for members to access our markets. We chose TT as a service provider because their technology provides a robust and sophisticated trading solution with maximum functionality. In addition, it’s simple for the customers, they do not need any installation, just internet access and a current browser.”

    Steffen Köhler, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director Exchange

    About EEX TT Screen

    TT provides secure, high-performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution.

    The EEX TT Screen can be used to access the EEX markets for:

    • power & gas derivatives
    • emissions spot and derivatives
    • agricultural products
    • options

    The EEX TT Screen will offer new functionalities such as:

    • enter exchange trades and register trade transactions for clearing (Trade Registration).
    • enter and manage orders
    • view and chart market data
    • automated tools like Autospreader® and ADL® (Algo Design Lab)
    • access to the system from virtually any internet-connected computer or mobile device
    • modular architecture which provides for delivering new functionality to the user’s workspace without a software upgrade
    • excel integration

    State-of-the-art trading technology

    The EEX standard frontend, developed by Trading Technologies (“EEX TT Screen”), provides a sophisticated trading solution with maximum functionality.

    Key Features

    • Simple access: Fully browser-based, no installation needed – virtually any computer or mobile device can be used
    • Fast and convenient trading: Trade via the patented TT price ladder
    • Powerful expert tools: Automatic trading, Algo trading and individual spreads
    • Modular architecture: Fully individualise your screen, e.g. by integrating charts
    • Users can view and trade via TT mobile (available for iOS and Android)

    Free Trial Access

    For your free trial access call our market specialists.

    EEX TT Screen Tutorial videos and websites

    For an initial and very quick overview please use the “Take the Tour” button on the welcome page and switch to Simulation environment to actively test trading.


    Further Information

    EEX TT Screen gives customers the opportunity to trade on all Spot and Derivatives Markets shown and enables Trade Registration for clearing. Connection is via the internet.

      Spot Derivatives Trade Registration Auction
    Power X X
    Natural Gas X X
    Emissions/GoOs X X X
    Freight X
    Agriculturals X X


    Questions regarding EEX TT Screen?

    Find answers here

    Customer Connectivity & Trading Systems

    EEX Customer Connectivity

    +49 341 2156-466

    Eurex Clearing GUI

    The Eurex Clearing GUI provides easy access for managing your positions of EEX and ECC products. Trade Registration for clearing is only possible via the T7 GUI, while Take Ups can be maintained via the Clearing GUI. The Clearing GUI is only provided via the internet.

      Spot Derivatives Trade Registration Auction
    Power X
    Natural Gas X
    Emissions/GoOs X
    Freight X
    Agriculturals X


    More Information

    WebAccess via Display Server

    WebAccess Production via Certificate 

    Webaccess Guide
    Publishing date Title File
    2018-03-06 Quick Access Guide - V21 pdf (955 KB)

    Eurex T7 GUI

    The Eurex T7 GUI provides easy access for trading the EEX products on the Derivatives Market and Spot Market, including Trade Registration for clearing. Connection is via the internet and leased line.

      Spot Derivatives Trade Registration Auction
    Power X X
    Natural Gas X X
    Emissions/GoO X X X
    Freight X
    Agriculturals X X

    More Information

    System Documentation:



    T7 (New Trading Architecture) - WebGUI

    M7 Auction System

    Access to the auctions will be available via the M7 EUA Primary Auction Service. The auction platform is a web-based system easily accessible via the internet, with a dedicated login and password provided to admitted members by the EEX Market Supervision department.

    Existing EEX emissions spot market members who satisfy the requirements of being eligible to bid under the EU rules may access the auctions via their Spot login and password.

    The M7 Auction System Provides access to Power Intraday Spot and Cleartrade markets. Auctions for Emissions are available via the ComXervAuction System.

      Spot Derivatives Trade Registration Auction
    Power X
    Emissions X
    Freight X


    M7 Auction System – Spot Trading System Emissions

    M7 Auction System Production Environment

    M7 Auction System Simulation Environment


    M7 Auction System -Tutorial

    The following tutorial informs about the key features of the M7 Auction System.



    To activate the video, please click on the picture. Please note that after activation your data will be forwarded to YouTube.

    Bidder Handbook M7 Auction
    Publishing date Title File
    2024-01-12 Bidder Handbook M7 Auction / Bieterhandbuch M7 Auction (V 5.2) pdf (2 MB)

    T7 Clearer GUI

    Via T7 Clearer GUI, a Clearing Member is able to maintain Pre Trade Risk Limits intraday with immediate effect. To order access please use the form „T02 Order T7 Clearer GUI“.


    T7 (New Trading Architecture) - WebGUI

    Publishing date Title File
    2022-09-15 T02 Order T7 Clearer GUI pdf (900 KB)

    Customer Connectivity & Trading Systems

    EEX Customer Connectivity

    +49 341 2156-466