The following ISV’s have been approved by EEX

    Enovea S.A.R.L.
    E-Star Trading
    FIS Global
    Likron GmbH
    Vela (formerly OptionsCity)


    As a result of the co-operation between EEX and various ISVs, customers can take part in trading using third-party solutions. Connection is via VPN and leased line.


    Gas SPOT API access via Trayport

    Trayport supports third-party access to the EEX Gas Spot market for both “Order Entry”(Write) as well as full “Market data + market depth”(read) access via the Trayport interface/API. 
    Subject to terms and conditions, the connectivity options are open to anyone who is compliant and wishes to access the EEX Gas SPOT market via Trayport.


    EEX Gas SPOT platform offers two types of API connections allowing for Read/Write access via Trayport.


    Direct Connection via own in-house software.

    Trayport sets up an agreement directly between the Member and Trayport. Upon completion of TKYC, Trayport will issue a license and the in-house software establishes R/W access via the Trayport API


    Connection via a vendor

    Vendor can apply to become a Certified Service Provider (CSP) of Trayport. A CSP will be enabled to gain access to the R/W API.
    Prerequisites include a signing a CSP agreement, TKYC and maintaining successful conformances for versions.


      Spot Derivatives Trade Registration Auction
    Power X X X X
    Natural Gas X X
    Emissions/GoOs X X X
    Freight, Metals, Oil, Fertilisers X X
    Agriculturals X X


    Forms & Downloads
    2024-02-29 EEX Vendor Pack for Nordic Zonal Launch 25 March 2024 User Guides and Manuals ISVs zip (17 MB)
    2019-05-10 EEX Service Provider Form User Guides and Manuals ISVs pdf (224 KB)
    2014-08-21 ISV Admission Form User Guides and Manuals ISVs pdf (101 KB)