Trading at EEX

    EEX provides customers with access to European natural gas products on a trading platform powered by Trayport® Global Vision ETS (Exchange Trading System) and Deutsche Börse's T7 technologies, which are the industrial standards in the energy trading community.

    Advantages of trading gas at EEX

    • Cleared location and time spreads
    • 24/7 trading on natural gas spot markets, except CZ VTP, CZ VTP/TTF, CZ VTP/THE, CZ VTP/CEGH VTP and PVB
    • Standardized trading and settlement processes on all products
    • Cross-margining benefits for all our natural gas markets from our common clearing house, European Commodity Clearing (ECC)
    • One rulebook for the full EEX offering
    • One single admission process to join all EEX products
    • Improved time-to-market for new products and services


    Clearing and Settlement

    Clearing and Settlement of all transactions are provided by European Commodity Clearing (ECC), Europe’s leading energy clearing house. Clearing via ECC facilitates cross-margining of positions across all gas hubs. The cross-margining functionality is also available across all commodities, such as power, emissions, etc. In order to benefit from ECC Clearing, members are required to sign an agreement with an approved Clearing Member.

    Product descriptions

    The EEX Gas Spot market segment offers spot contracts on CEGH VTP, ETF, NBP, THE, PEG, PVB, TTF and ZTP hubs. Additionally, locational spot contracts developed in coordination with major European Transmission Operators (TSOs) and Market Area Managers to assist with physical balancing are also available. Currently we offer such products for THE, TTF and PEG.

    The EEX Gas Futures market segment offers futures contracts on CEGH CZ VTP, CEGH VTP, ETF, THE, NBP, PEG, PSV, PVB, TTF and ZTP hubs, as well as geographical and time spreads products.

    The EEX Gas Options market segment offers options contracts on the TTF hub, specifically for monthly instruments.

    To support the growing global LNG market EEX offers EEX Platts JKM Natural Gas Futures and EEX TTF Natural Gas Month ($/MMBtu) Futures. Further details about these products can be found here.

    Since 28th June, EEX has expanded its product range on the Derivatives Market with the new Financial Gas Futures. These new contracts are listed on the Dutch (TTF), Austrian (CEGH) and German (THE) market areas and cash-settled against the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI), the most robust and transparent pricing reference in the European gas market. Learn more

    Tradable maturities are described in EEX Market Notices.

    Price references

    EEX publishes the following spot price references on a daily basis

    • EGSI (Daily Price: European Gas Spot Index) on all hubs; DRP (Daily Reference Price) on TTF, THE; DAP (Daily Average Price) on PEG
    • End-of-Day Spot (EOD) Settlement Price on TTF, THE, PEG, ETF, CEGH VTP and CZ VTP
    • Further information on calculation of Gas Spot on Bank Holidays and Weekends can be found for download here


    The following futures price references are published by EEX

    Cooperation with CEGH

    The Central European Gas Hub (CEGH), located in Vienna (Austria) is the leading hub for trading gas between East and West. Providing an excellent position for growth in the Central Eastern European (CEE) region. Via a common joint venture, CEGH (49%) and EEX (51%) offer trading in the CEE region on the EEX platform.