EEX Trader Exam

    The examination is aimed at exchange traders who already have extensive professional experience in exchange trading. They prepare individually for the examination on the basis of training materials provided. The examination will be taken as a online examination (examination control via video conference).

    Successful completion of the EEX trader examination entitles you to trade on the EEX spot and derivatives markets.

    • The EEX trader examination is exclusively for the admission to trading on EEX
    • It is only offered to companies within the meaning of the Value Added Tax Act (no private individuals)
    • Online exams are only offered to companies that are in the process of being admitted or have been admitted.


    1. Exam preparation (voluntary participation)

    You can easily prepare yourself for the exchange trader exam with the help of the e-learning exam preparation tool.

    Cost: EUR 400 per person

    2. System training* (compulsory for exam admission)

    With the help of our e-learning tool you will attain the special skills needed for using the EEX trading systems.

    Cost: EUR 250 per person

    3. EEX trader exam (mandatory)

    Cost: EUR 200 per person

    Booking options

    • Booking option 1: Exam preparation + System training + EEX trader exam
    • Booking option 2: System training + EEX trader exam


    *E-Learning System Training

    Each participant is provided with a login for the e-learning system training. You will use the e-learning tool to learn specialist knowledge about the use of the EEX trading systems. Please note that the system training is mandatory for admission to the exam and that at least one of the modules must be completed in full:

    • System registration and system setup
    • Order book overview and order book depth
    • Order mask and order management
    • Operations carried out
    • System messages and other system functions

    Note: Participation in the system training is not required if the participant can prove that he/she has either been active in exchange trading or has experience in using a multilateral trading facility over a period of at least six months within the last two years prior to the application.


    Online Exam

    Online exams are only offered for companies that are in the process of being admitted or have been admitted, by individual arrangement for one person. Several candidates cannot take the online exam at the same time.

    The online examination can only be taken in combination with a video conference (sound, image, access to your browser). In order to ensure/supervise compliance with the rules, you will be supervised by a member of the EEX group when answering the questions. The video conference will not be recorded. If the video conference is aborted, the test is considered to be cancelled and must be repeated.

    By taking this online exam you accept these conditions.

    Please contact your customer advisor / key account manager directly or call us on 0341 2156 245 to register for the EEX online trader examination


    Exam preparation (voluntary) EUR 400.00 per participant
    EEX system training (mandatory) EUR 250.00 per participant
    EEX trader exam (mandatory) EUR 200.00 per participant

    All prices exclusive of value-added tax (where applicable).

    The General Terms and Conditions of European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) apply for services rendered in the context of training courses.

    It is possible to combine this training with other training courses. Please contact the Training & Education Department ( for further information.

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    EEX Admission Rules

    The EEX Admission Rules contain the provisions regarding admission as an exchange trader and regarding the execution of exchange trader examinations.

    to Admission Rules

    General Terms and Conditions

    The General Terms and Conditions of European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) apply for all training services.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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