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    Following the market launch in May 2020, the EEX Japan power product range is now firmly established as the benchmark contract in Japanese power trading, backed by the continuous support from the local trading community and international market participants.

    Since launch on 18 May 2020, a total of 8.8 TWh was traded in EEX Japanese Power Futures until April 2022. In its first full year of trading (2021), EEX held a market share of 87% in cleared power derivatives volume.

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    Today, 40 companies from Japan and around the world are actively trading the EEX Japan Power Futures contracts which is double the number of participants compared to May 2021. This significant increase in active participants and the great diversification of trading companies (national vs. international, physical vs. financial, generation vs. trading) are the basis for further growth of EEX Japanese Power Futures in the coming months and years.



    Read the full Press Release about the anniversary of Japan Power.
    2022-12-21 Peak Delivery Calendar | ピークロードカレンダー Calendar pdf (174 KB)
    2022-07-28 EEX日本電力先物の登録時間変更のお知らせ | Customer Information Documents pdf (155 KB)
    2022-07-27 Holiday Calendar & Trading Hours Calendar Holiday Calendar pdf (122 KB)
    2022-05-24 EEX Japanese Power Futures l 2nd anniversary - Presentation Documents pdf (917 KB)
    2022-02-14 Contract Specifications Trade Registration - EEX Japanese Power | 商品仕様 Documents zip (1 MB)
    2021-07-30 Japan Power – Standard Presentation Documents pdf (2 MB)
    2021-04-20 Broker Participant User Guide | ブローカユーザーガイド Documents pdf (727 KB)
    2021-03-03 Risk Management Participant User Guide | リスクユーザーガイド Documents pdf (2 MB)
    2020-09-21 List of Clearing Banks Documents pdf (188 KB)
    2020-09-03 EEX Group Webinar Japan Power (English) Documents pdf (2 MB)
    2020-05-15 List of Brokers Documents pdf (186 KB)
    2020-01-22 Fees Documents pdf (175 KB)
    2020-01-20 EEX Japanese Power Futures - Presentation Documents pdf (2 MB)

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    Building Markets Together

    Watch the videos on the fundamentals behind Japan Power, the status quo and the future outlook from our conference in association with Reuters in January 2021.

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