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Companies which are admitted to trading in energy and related products on EEX get access to liquid spot and derivatives markets as well as to a broad network of trading participants.


Why trade on EEX?

  • One-stop shop for power, natural gas, emissions as well as freight and agricultural products
  • Broad network of trading participants
  • Access to the most liquid financial power future referring to the Phelix European reference price
  • Cross-Margining savings across all positions at the ECC clearing house

EEX also offers specific membership to individual markets and products

Market participants wishing to trade in a specific market or in a specific product can choose registration as a trading participant using a simplified admission procedure. 

EEX offers the following alternative membership options:

Type of MembershipContent
Full EEX MembershipExchange trading in Power Derivatives, Environmental Markets, Agricultural and Freight products offered by EEX
Emerging and Environmental MarketsExchange trading in Environmental Markets, Agricultural Markets and UK Power Futures. Furthermore, Trade Registration of all contracts that are not offered for exchange trading at EEX
Agricultural ProductsExchange Trading and Trade Registration in dairy, meat and potato contracts as well as Trade Registration for fertiliser contracts
Auction-OnlyParticipation in primary market auctions of Emission Allowances (Spot Market)
Non-Trading Broker MembershipNon-Trading Brokers can conclude trades on behalf of and in the name of participants, without being direct exchange members or Trade Registration members. They cannot open any positions on the exchange.
View OnlyAccess to the trading screen without trading rights, limited term of three months

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