Half day course spot market emission rights + EEX spot market emission rights exam

    Having successfully passed the Half-day course spot market emission rights training (including information on the derivatives market of emissions rights), you are entitled to trade in emission allowances on the EEX Spot Market. You will receive comprehensive information on exchange trading in emission rights on EEX.

    Overview of training (0.5 day)

    1. Training (on-site event - voluntary participation)

    You will attain the essential specialist knowledge about exchange trading of emission rights, which is necessary for the exam.

    Cost: 400€ per person

    2. System Training (compulsory for the exam admission)

    Via e-learning, you will obtain the expertise needed for the usage of our EEX trading systems.

    Cost: free of charge

    3. EEX spot market emission rights exam (on-site event)

    The written examination (0.5 h) can be taken on one of the suggested dates.

    Once you have passed EEX spot market emission rights exam, you are entitled to trade at the EEX spot market for emission rights.

    Cost: free of charge

    Selectable Module Combinations

    More Information

    • The development of exchange trading
    • Basic structures & conditions
    • General processes
    • Tradable physical spot market products
    • Tradable derivatives market products
      • Future on certificates
      • Options on power futures
    • Trade, settlement and position account
    • Order book trading
    • Trade registration function
    • Processing of trade registration trades via broker
    • Calculation of margin requirements

    All participants receive a login for the e-learning system training. Focus on the specialist knowledge required for using the EEX trading systems. Please note that the e-learning system training is mandatory and you have to complete at least one of the following modules in order to be allowed to write the examination:

    • Logging onto and setting up the system
    • Order book overview and depth
    • Order input mask and order administration
    • Trades executed
    • System messages and other system functions

    Please note: You do not have to take part in the system training course if you can provide proof that you have operated in exchange trading or have gathered experience in working with a multilateral trading system over a period of at least six months during the last two years preceding the submission of the application.

    Having passed the exam, you are entitled to take part in exchange trading on the EEX Spot Market for Emission Rights.

    Dates & Registration

    The Half-day course spot market emission rights is offered as an in-house training or as public training course. Please contact Training & Education for further information.

    Half-day course spot market emission rights (voluntary) EUR 400.00 per participant
    EEX system training (mandatory) free of charge
    EEX spot market emission rights exam free of charge

    Our e-learning modules are exclusively reserved for companies that are entrepreneurs in the sense of the sales tax law.

    All prices exclusive of value-added tax (where applicable).

    The General Terms and Conditions of European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) apply for services rendered in the context of training courses.

    It is possible to combine this training with other training courses. Please contact the Training & Education Department (training@eex.com) for further information.