EEX operates the National Registry for Biogas Guarantees of Origin (GO) on behalf of the French Ministry of the Energy Transition.

    The GO mechanism is the only system recognised in France for the tracking of energy production from renewable sources. It ensures that end consumers can verify the origin of the biogas that they consume. GOs thus provide an opportunity for individuals and companies to actively support the energy transition.

    Guarantee of Origin

    Lifecycle & Statistics

    One GO represents one megawatt-hour (MWh) of biogas produced in a specific month and contains all relevant information on the biogas production plant.

    Once produced, the biogas is injected into the grid, to be mixed with natural gas. GOs ensure the traceability of this injected biomethane, which is used to address the demands of customers looking for more environmentally-friendly gas. Each MWh of biogas injected generates a GO that is identified by the place of production and the source material used. As a result, users can be certain that the gas they consume corresponds to a quantity of biogas that has been produced.

    In order to issue, transfer or use a GO, you need to be registered as an account holder. Production devices issuing GOs need to be registered as well:

    The issuance of GOs can generally be requested up to -five (5) months after the end of the relevant production period. They are valid for one year following the end of the production period to which they apply. Once expired, they can no longer be used, nor transferred.

    The GOs are used and effectively cancelled by biogas suppliers or specialised companies for the marking of gas intended for the consumer.

    It is possible to transfer active GOs- within the National Biogas Registry from one account holder to another.

    The European regulation applicable to the Guarantee of Origin system is Directive n°2018/2001 dated the 11 December 2018 with regards to the promotion of the use of energy generated from renewable sources. The European Directive was transposed into French law in the Energy code, notably in articles L446-18 to L446-22 and D446-17 to D446-44, modified by law n° 2021-1104 dated the 22 August 2021.

    Account holders

    To issue, transfer or use GOs in France, it is necessary to become an account holder in the French national registry for biogas guarantees of origin. Learn more on the registration process on this page. 

    Registration process & Account holders table

    Production devices

    The account holder needs to register the production devices for which GOs are requested. Only production devices producing biogas with the use of renewable energy and injecting into a distribution or transmission system's operator network may be registered in the French National Biogas Registry for Guarantees of Origin

    Production devices benefiting from feed in tariff or market premium contracts

    The sale of biogas is ruled differently to the marketing of biogas, which are directly linked to the way production is subsidised.

    All production devices benefiting from a contract of “obligation d’achat” or “complément de  rémunération” need to be registered in the EEX biogas registry. For contracts signed before 9 November 2020, GOs can only be requested by the relevant obligated buyers. For contracts signed after 9 of November 2020, GOs will be issued on the DGEC account with the potential to be auctioned off. In this case, producers must register the production device, but do not need to become account holders; they can simply download the document “Registration of a Production Device” to be filled in, signed and send back together with the other required documents.

    Documentation required

    To register a biogas production plant, please access your account page on the electronic platform of the National Biogas Registry for Guarantees of Origin; fill in the necessary information and send the required documents to the EEX Admissions Department (

    Access to the Platform

    The “administrator” of an account may directly modify most of the information contained on the electronic registry platform. However, all changes are submitted for validation to EEX. The “administrator” can also register additional contacts who need electronic access to the registry in accordance with their roles.

    Biogas GO Registry
    Publishing date Title File
    2024-04-15 Registry data xlsx (3 MB)
    2024-04-11 Activity report of the French Registry of GOs for biogas 2023 (available in French only) pdf (323 KB)
    2024-03-15 EEX Customer Information – Issuing rules pdf (118 KB)
    2024-03-15 User manual: Issuing of GO biogas pdf (590 KB)
    2024-01-26 EEX Customer Information - Figures EU ETS 2024 and cancellation rules for the Register of GO for Biogas pdf (131 KB)
    2024-01-26 User manual: Cancellation GO biogas pdf (973 KB)

    Guarantee of Origin


    EEX complies with its reporting obligation by publicly disclosing the complete list of Biogas -GOs issued in France.

    Data published

    EEX publishes the data contained in the National Biogas Registry for Guarantees of Origin according to Article 1 of Decree n°2020-1701 dated 24 December 2020.


    Association of Issuing Bodies

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    Information on French Guarantees of Origin Registry

    All information on French Guarantees of Origin Registry are also available in French.

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