Organising transparent and liquid markets

    We pursue the objective of providing the participants with a fair and transparent market platform, hence ensuring sustainable liquidity on these markets. We operate an exchange trading platform for energy, related products and other commodities. This way, we ensure that all trading participants can trade in a secure and regulated market on an equal footing. In this process, we connect various European and international markets and offer our trading participants the broadest possible scope of action. They are given access to fair and transparent prices which we publish so as to make them visible - for everyone, every day.

    However, we do not only create transparency with regard to the prices and volumes traded on our markets: Power plant operators, for example, use the transparency platform to report their plants’ planned and actual generation.

    At the same time, we also offer various services which the market participants can use to fulfil their reporting requirements in the framework of various regulations (e.g. REMIT). As a result, we create a holistic offering for the markets in which we operate.

    Responsible, environmentally and resource-friendly corporate management

    EEX relies on responsible corporate management. This includes a sustainable and long-term human resources policy as well as the protection of the environment and resources within the scope of our work. Strengthening the compatibility of work and private responsibilities and promoting the further personal development of our employees are of great importance to us.


    “Good corporate citizen”: Social commitment

    We actively support charitable initiatives and associations dedicated to education, sustainability, the environment and social concerns. In line with the slogan “Think globally, act locally”, the focus is on the sites at which EEX operates. In addition, we advocate the promotion of education and science relating to the energy market and energy-related subjects. In this respect, EEX also presents the EEX Group Excellence Award for outstanding academic theses dealing with technical, commercial or political questions related to energy and exchange trading.

    Our responsibility

    Our employees, their motivation and performance are an important factor in the success of EEX. Therefore, we set great store by a long-term and family-oriented human resources policy alongside an open corporate culture. Our company consists of people of various ages with different nationalities and in different life situations. Respectful interaction is the cornerstone – hence making sure that employees enjoy working with us. We consider internal communication to be a key process for informing our employees and ensuring that they “are onboard”.

    Certification as familiy-friendly company

    Since March 2016, we have been awarded the title of a family-friendly company in the framework of the “audit berufundfamilie”. We have also signed a target agreement in the context of the audit in order to targetedly develop the offering for its employees. Compliance with the targets through the continuous expansion of the human resources measures is reviewed regularly and forms the basis for the maintenance of the certification.

    Compatibility of career and private responsibilities

    It is a matter of course for us that our employees – both men and women – can return to their previous position (and are not just given a comparable position) after the end of their parental leave. After parental leave, we enable all employees (including executive staff) to work part-time. Furthermore, we set up a parent-child office in Leipzig where children can be looked after in a child-friendly atmosphere during working hours, if required. As an alternative, we provide the required technical equipment to enable parents to work from home. Furthermore, we offer our employees support in finding child care and also offer flexible working hours.

    Individual further training options

    EEX offers various programmes and options for further training for its employees. In the framework of the annual target agreement process, we establish specific targets and measures individually with every employee. All colleagues can attend language courses free of charge. Since our group now operates at 17 sites, foreign language skills have become an important factor which we support and promote. Our development into an international corporation also offers further opportunities. For example, our employees can be delegated to another EEX site for several months in order to get to know further aspects of the company - as well as different cultures and to develop further within the setting of EEX. Technical experts can pursue the so-called senior career – a programme including targeted further training and support.

    Employee health

    EEX promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees. For example, we subsidise fitness studio memberships and weekly sports groups. We also support healthy nutrition at the workplace by providing free fruit and vegetables every day. The staff can also prepare fresh meals at our fully equipped kitchens. In addition, we also regularly carry out preventative medical measures and health checks on our own premises.

    The environment provides us with the bases of life and resources that we have to protect and preserve. Companies use ecological resources – therefore, they also carry responsibility for the environment. Companies that consume sustainably establish a position for themselves as serious players that actively design and consider their actions – and ensure that there will still be an environment in which we can live and consume in the future.

    We primarily support sustainable ecological projects within our region. The natural environment in and around Leipzig is very close to our hearts. Therefore, we selectively want to support projects and associations committed to its preservation. In addition to this, there are further measures which EEX and its employees implement in their day-to-day work.

    EEX Group Sustainability Committee

    Our EEX Group Sustainability Committee is an internal group of colleagues interested in making EEX Group more sustainable. Within the committee, current sustainability issues are regularly discussed, and solutions are developed in monthly meetings and working groups.  

    Our ecological footprint

    EEX pursues the aim of keeping its “ecological footprint” as small as possible and continuously reducing it through targeted measures. In this context, we focus on a reduction of the consumption of power, water, paper and office supplies as well as on a compensation of the direct and indirect CO2 emissions, which are, specifically, caused by the travel activities of our employees. Specific measures undertaken by EEX for the improvement of the business ecology, for example, include the following:

    • Green power at the Leipzig headquarters since 2015
    • Compensation of our CO2 emissions
    • Use of video conferencing technology in order to avoid business trips
    • Offers and subsidization of commuter tickets for public passenger transport for our employees
    • Provision of bikes for short business trips within Leipzig
    • Use of long-lasting and ecologically certified hardware
    • Donation of outdated technical office equipment
    • Company cars: Hybrid and electric cars possible
    • Responsible procurement: In the procurement of materials and printing orders, aspects of environmental compatibility are taken into account.
    • Sustainable and climate-neutral purchase of letterheads, envelopes and business cards
    • Plastic-free catering

    Social commitment makes a decisive contribution to the sustainable design and promotion of society. On the one hand, this creates a direct benefit for society through the support for organisations and institutions promoting common welfare. In addition, it is also a form of democracy in which individual people and companies support a project, which would otherwise not be supported or receive only a little support by the state, in line with their interests and values. As a result, these supporters can make a decisive contribution to society. Furthermore, social commitment also contributes to the resolution or alleviation of social problems and grievances.

    Support for charitable projects

    We support projects and associations that integrate underprivileged children and teenagers into society, increase their quality of life and give them perspectives for a route to a better future. We consider it to be our responsibility to promote equal opportunities and social justice by supporting these projects and we are convinced that our commitment within society is a necessary addition to the measures undertaken by the government. Society as a whole can only work, and be sustainably improved, through measures such as these.

    From 2018 to 2020 we supported Zukunft für Kinder e.V. (A Future for Children) with a long-term donation to build a stronger and sustainable relationship with the organization. With that consistent income stream, we were able to back up a consistent support for special projects and with doing so provide a positive impact.

    Other than that, in 2019 and 2020, we supported the following institutions and associations financially:

    Due to the COVID-19 crisis we also saw the need to support the culture around us. That’s why we in cooperation with the Deutsche Börse Group decided on helping the following culture and health institutions financially:

    Internal fundraising campaigns

    We also offer our employees a platform for private social commitment. We arrange fundraising campaigns and inform our employees of how they can make a personal contribution several times a year.

    During the Christmas season, we support Leipzig children’s homes. In cooperation with the “Zukunft für Kinder” [“A Future for Children”] association, we set up a “Christmas Wish Tree” on which small wishes from children from the Leipzig children’s homes for Christmas were displayed. For example, for Christmas 2020, about 250 presents for children in need from the region were provided by EEX and its employees. This campaign met with an overwhelming response from within the company and in many cases, families and friends of colleagues also joined in.


    As a global company, employees of different gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity work within the EEX Group. Our goal was and still is to strengthen the appreciation, recognition and inclusion of diversity within EEX Group. We want every colleague to be equally valued and supported. Over the last year, we did several campaigns regarding the topics of Diversity & Inclusion.

    This is an ongoing process, that every individual colleague should be working on day by day. For this process it is important to stay open-minded, learn from each other and appreciate the people around us. Together we follow the path of Diversity and share our experiences and perspectives within EEX Group. In 2019, we signed the “Charta of Diversity”, an initiative to promote Diversity and Inclusion within the working environment in companies.

    EEX Group Excellence Award

    Since 2011, EEX honours scientific papers or theses that deal with current questions in the field of energy and exchange trading with the EEX Group Excellence Award. Awards can be presented for up to five theses which are convincing on account of their creativity and offer new approaches to solutions, in addition to a profound discussion of the problem.

    Get more information about the > EEX Group Excellence Award.


    EEX Graduate Training Programme

    Our 18-month job rotation programme provides you with valuable insights from 3 different work experiences in the beautiful city of Leipzig. The aim is to provide graduates with fundamental knowledge about how we operate the markets for global energy and commodity trading as well as giving the opportunity to dive into an area you are keen on while connecting with the international mindset of EEX Group.

    Find out more about our > EEX Graduate Training Programme.

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    Family-friendly company

    Since March 2016, EEX is certified as a family-friendly company.

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