Executive Board

    Peter Reitz

    Peter Reitz is the Chief Executive Officer of EEX and ECC since 1st August 2011. Before that Peter Reitz has overseen the development of EEX and ECC as a member of the respective Supervisory Boards since 2007.

    After gaining a degree in mathematics, he started his career as a product manager at Deutsche Börse AG in Frankfurt in 1991. From 2000 to 2001 he worked at Dow Jones Indexes in New York. In 2001 he joined financial derivatives exchange Eurex as a member of the Management Board, a position he held until December 2018

    Peter Reitz

    Chief Executive Officer

    Steffen Köhler

    Steffen Köhler has been a member of the EEX Management Board since 1st March 2012. 

    Having worked for several companies in the financial sector, Steffen Köhler started working as a Senior Expert in the Product Development Clearing Business and OTC division of Eurex Clearing in 2003.  In 2006, he made a decisive contribution to the cooperation between EEX and Eurex in his capacity as the Executive Director of the Eurex Market & Product Development Department. In 2009, he was appointed to the EEX Supervisory Board. 

    Steffen Köhler

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dr Dr Tobias Paulun

    Dr Dr Tobias Paulun has been a member of the EEX Management Board since 1st January 2015.

    As Chief Strategy Officer of EEX, Tobias Paulun coordinates the strategic direction of EEX Group. The main focus of his work is the analysis of the political and regulatory environment of the energy markets and energy trading as well as the development of new products and services.

    Starting in August 2009, he worked for EEX and ECC in the areas of Product Development and Strategy.

    Previously, he worked at the Institute of Electrical Systems and Energy Economics (IAEW) of the RWTH Aachen in projects concerning the long-term development of the European electricity market and optimisation of grid expansion planning for electricity and gas networks.

    Dr. Dr. Tobias Paulun

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Jens Rick

    Jens Rick is a member of the EEX Management Board since 1st of February, 2019 and a member of the ECC Management Board since 1st of November, 2019.

    Before joining the EEX Group, Jens Rick was Director of Energy IT at Deutsche Börse AG, a position he held from 2015. In that function Jens Rick has been responsible for the design, development and operation of the trading systems in the M7 product family and XBID, including sales and customer management. Prior to that he managed various software and consulting companies in the financial sector, among others with a focus on data management and trading infrastructure.

    Jens Rick

    Chief Information Officer

    Anja Kiessling

    Anja Kiessling was appointed to the EEX Management Board on 15th October 2020.

    Anja Kiessling knows EEX Group from various perspectives, having joined EEX in 2008 in the Market Operations department. In 2010, she moved from the Operations business to the Controlling department, which she has managed since 2011. After gaining her degree in International Business Administration, she worked several years for an auditing company and qualified as certified accountant.

    Anja Kiessling

    Chief Financial Officer

    Supervisory Board of the EEX AG

    Dr Thomas Book, Chairman   Dr Karin Labitzke
    Jürg Spillmann, Deputy Chairman Xavier Lafontaine
    Hans E. Schweickardt, Deputy Chairman Vincent van Lith
    Dr Hartmut Mangold, Deputy Chairman  Michael Lockett
    Dirk Biermann Katja Mayer
    Heike Eckert  Prof. Harald R. Pfab
    Burkhard Jung Andreas Preuß
    Dr Nigel Hawkins Dr Michael Redanz
    Peter Heydecker  Uwe Schweickert

    Boards & Committees

    Hannes Neumeister
    Head of Boards & Committees

    +49 341 2156-138 hannes.neumeister@eex.com