Providing services to the Gas industry

    In our natural gas markets, EEX provides services to Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to support their balancing activities.
    Based on TSO’s requirements, our services include auction design, new product definition, tailored index provision and others.

    Our references

    Within the Gas Industry, EEX performs customized and adaptable services to the following Transmission System Operators

    • Auction platform designed to buy and sell fuel gas for natural gas compressor station
    • Automatized mechanism programmed to buy or sell natural gas on the market in order to balance the market area
    • Balancing mechanism aimed at buying or selling gas capacity in order to balance specific trading points on the PEG Nord and TRS networks
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    • Automatized mechanism programmed to buy or sell natural gas on the market in order to balance the market area
    • EEX price file automatically provided to Teréga at regular intervals and used for the invoicing of imbalance



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    Customised Auction Design and Operation

    Auctions are an efficient mean for selling off a good or matching supply and demand. Powernext has acquired a deep experience in designing and organizing electronic auctions in the energy sector.

    In April 2007, EEX introduced balancing solutions especially designed for GRTgaz. Two auctions are organized per day through which GRTgaz is able to buy or sell part of the gas needed to balance the transmission network.

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    Algorithmic trading solutions

    In order to diminish operational risks, as well as organizational issues and costs, EEX has developed algorithmic trading solutions which provide, among other things, simple and efficient 24/7 balancing services.

    Based on rules and principles configured according to the TSOs’ requirements, these trading algorithms provide auditable reports of all order and trade data to both TSOs and regulators. Operations are monitored by EEX Market Operations, while the TSOs manage all features and parameters via a web interface. In order to construct the internal market for natural gas, efficient use of the interconnection capacity between market areas is vital, especially on congested interconnections.

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