Account Holder

    All information on Account Holder are also available in French.

    Devenir Titulaire de compte

    To issue, transfer or use Guarantees of Origin in France, it is necessary to become an Account Holder in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin. You will find in this page the registration process and the list of Account Holders.

    Registration and List

    Registration Process

    The main steps to join the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin are the following:

    1. Download the admission Form, the EECS Domain Protocol and the EEX Standard Terms and Conditions for Registries
    2. Fill in the admission form and agree to the EEX Standard Terms and Conditions
    3. Please note that the documents must be signed by a company's legal representative (or by an authorised person who has received the power of a legal representative)
    4.  Send back documents to the Admission Department

    When the dossier is complete, you will receive, via registered mail addressed to the main company contact, the contract signed by Powernext, the access codes, as well as physical identification keys for each contact who requested an electronic access.

    For more details: Go Account Holders 

    Account Holders

    Last update on 17 April 2023.

    Account holders

    Country code AIB code Go start Date Go auctions
    II Renewables Energy Europe NL 35XRENEEEB 24/01/2023 NA
    ALLEGO France FR 35XALLEGO[ 24/01/2023 NA
    ArcelorMittal Energy SCA LU 35XARCEMI3 17/01/2022  NA
    Amarenco Solar Limited IE 35XAMAREN5 08/09/2022 NA
    Becour NO 35XBECOURS 3/4/2021  
    Bergen Energi Green Services AS NO 35XBERGEN5 9/17/2014  
    BKW ENERGIE AG CH 35XBKWAGXE 9/9/2019 9/11/2019
    BP Gas Marketing Limited UK 35XBPGASME 9/9/2019 9/11/2019
    Capitole Energie FR 35XCAPENEV 3/4/2021  
    Captured Carbon IE 35XCAPTURW 12/01/2023 NA
    Cenergise Limited IR 35XCNERGSL 26/05/2021 15/06/2021
    Centrica Energy Limited UK 35XACCORDC 9/9/2019 9/11/2019
    Cepsa Gas y Electricidad ES 35XCEPSAGM 12/01/2023 12/01/2023
    Channel Islands Electricity Grid Ltd (CIEG) UK 35XCIEGXXY 9/5/2013  
    ClimatePartner GmbH DE 35XCLIMATD 26/05/2021  
    Compagnie Nationale du Rhône FR 35XCNRXXXF 5/1/2013 9/11/2019
    Comparelec FR 35XCOMPAR3 24/01/2023 NA
    Dalkia SA FR 35XDALKIA7 11/9/2016  
    Dream Energy FR 35XDRMNRJN 12/01/2023 NA
    DXT COMMODITIES CH 35XDUFENEQ 9/9/2019 9/11/2019
    E6 SA CH 35XE6XXXX1 4/20/2016  
    EcoHZ AS NO 35XECOHZXW 3/7/2014  
    EDF Trading Limited UK 35XEDFTLXT 5/3/2019 9/11/2019
    ekWateur FR 35XJOULXXT 10/7/2016  
    Electricité de France (EDF) SA FR 35XEDFXXXD 5/1/2013  
    Electricité de Provence FR 35XELEPRO2 1/28/2021  
    Electroroute Energy Trading FR 35XELETROM 04/07/2022 NA
    Enargia FR 35XENARGIB 1/7/2020  
    Endesa Energia ES 35XNDSAFR7 08/09/2022 NA
    Endesa Generacion SAU ES 35XENGENEK 11/5/2020 11/5/2020
    Enel Global Trading SPA IT 35XENELTXI 10/17/2019 10/17/2019
    ENERCOOP FR 35XENECOOF 10/15/2015 9/16/2019
    ENERGEM FR 35XENRGEM4 1/28/2019  
    Energi Danmark A/S DK 35XENDANK3 1/14/2020 1/14/2020
    Energie Steiermark Business GmbH AT 35XESTEIEC 10/29/2019 10/29/2019
    Energies Services Lavaur FR 35XLAVAURF 9/25/2014  
    Engie Energy Management BE 35XENGIEMF 3/29/2018 9/11/2019
    Engie Global Markets FR 35XEGMARKO 08/02/2022 08/02/2022
    Engie SA FR 35XGDFXXXZ 5/1/2013  
    ENI Gas & Power France SA FR 35XENIGPFU 3/10/2017  
    Enovos Luxembourg SA LU 35XENOVOSP 10/16/2013  
    Enrgia Energie Catalane FR 35XLLUMCAU 04/07/2022 NA
    E-PANGO SAS FR 35XEPANGO3 3/1/2019  
    ES Energies Strasbourg SA FR 35XENSTRA4 7/10/2013  
    Ezpada AG CH 35XEZPADAT 3/4/2021  
    Fibre Excellence Saint Gaudens FR 35XFESGAU6 10/03/2023 NA
    Gazel Energie Solutions FR 35XUNIFES1 3/29/2018  
    Gedia Energies & Services FR 35XGDIAESZ 01/09/2021 NA
    GEG Gaz Et Electricité de Grenoble FR 35XGAZGRE5 3/13/2020  
    GEG Source d'Energies FR 35XGEGXXXO 7/18/2013  
    GGN Energy Limited UK 35XGGNNRJR 14/03/2023 NA
    Global Factor Commodity Trading ES 35XGLOFACH 12/10/2022 27/10/2022
    GO2-Markets GmbH DE 35XGO2MKTH 12/20/2016  
    GO2-Markets FR 35XGO2MKTH 13/04/2021  
    Green Access FR 35XGREACE5 5/1/2013 11/13/2019
    Green Power Commodities FR 35XGPCOMMX 24/01/2023 NA
    Green Prime FR 35XGREENXQ 12/27/2016  
    Green Yellow Vente d'Energie SASU FR 35XYELLOWM 3/1/2017 10/17/2019
    GreenYellow Energy and Supply Services France FR 35XGRYESST 1/4/2021  
    Guernsey Electricity Limited UK 35XGUERNS2 11/5/2020  
    Hellio Solutions FR 35XHELLIOV 12/01/2023 NA
    Hydronext SAS FR 35XHYNEXTI 5/1/2013  
    Hydroption SAS FR 35XHYDROPF 3/9/2018 9/12/2019
    Iberdrola Energie France SAS FR 35XIBRDROH 9/13/2017  
    Iberdrola Generacion Espana SAU ES 35XIBERDGC 4/16/2015 11/8/2019
    IDEX Services FR 35XIDEXXXQ 2/20/2018  
    Ilek SAS FR 35XILEKXXU 7/27/2017 1/15/2021
    Ineos Europe AG CH 35XINEUROE 08/09/2022 NA
    Lavera Energies SNC FR 35XLAVERA6 9/4/2018  
    Macht Limited UK 35XMACTRDS 23/09/2021 NA
    Mega Energie SAS FR 35XMEGAEN7 7/11/2019  
    MFT ENERGY A/S DK 35XMFTNRJX 01/12/2021 01/12/2021
    MINT FR 35XBUDGET3 12/13/2016 9/16/2019
    Mitsui Bussan Gas & Power Solutions NL 35XMBGPSOT 12/01/2023 12/01/2023
    Naturgy Commodities Trading ES 35XNATURGY 08/09/2022 26/09/2022
    NEOEN FR 35XNEOENNP 10/03/2023 NA
    NLG SARL FR 35XNLGXXX5 5/3/2018  
    Nvalue SA CH 35XNVALUEY 8/1/2013 9/11/2019
    OFEE SASU FR 35XOFEESA1 4/16/2019  
    OHM ENERGIE FR 35XOHMNRJ6 1/4/2021 10/08/2021
    OMNEGY FR 35XOMNEGYA 11/12/2020  
    Opera Energie SAS FR 35XOPERAX5 5/2/2018  
    Optiment BV BE 35XOPTIME4 06/01/2022 06/01/2022
    Origo SAS FR 35XORIGOXB 9/8/2014 9/16/2019
    Orsted Salg & Services A/S DK 35XDONGNAM 10/29/2019 10/29/2019
    OTC Flow BV NL 35XOTCFLOO 5/10/2019  
    Ovo Energy FR 35XOVONRJK    20/07/2021 NA (Only on the Registry)
    Pact Capital CH 35XPACCAPU 12/01/2023 NA
    Plum Entreprises & Collectivités FR 35XPLUMECS 1/28/2021  
    Priméo Energie CH 35XEBMNRGA 5/23/2018  
    Priméo Energie France FR 35XPRIMFRJ 01/09/2021 NA
    Régie Municipale d'Electricité de Loos FR 35XLOOSXXH 6/24/2013  
    Respect Energy PL 35XRESPENW 08/02/2022 NA
    RIGHT POWER a.s SVK 35XRIPOWER 10/30/2020 10/30/2020
    Risq Energy Limited GB 35XRSQNRJ7 07/04/2022 NA
    RWE Supply & Trading GmbH DE 35XRWESTR1 06/03/2023 NA
    SELFEE FR 35XSELFEEA 2/19/2021  
    SEOLIS Saeml FR 35XSEOLIS3 4/1/2014  
    Services Industriels de Genève CH 35XSIGXXXO 5/1/2013  
    Smartest Energy Ltd UK 35XSMARTEW 9/12/2019 9/12/2019
    SNCF Energie   35XSNCFENJ 5/12/2021  
    Société d’Importation Leclerc (SIPLEC) FR 35XSIPLECI 9/17/2018  
    Société d'Approvisionnement et de Vente d'Energies (SAVE) FR 35XSAVEEN6 6/3/2019 1/4/2021
    Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz FR 35XSMEGXX6 6/24/2013  
    SOLVAY ENERGY SERVICES FR 35XSOLVAY2 9/9/2019 9/11/2019
    Sorégies FR 35XSOREGII 5/1/2013  
    SOVEN SAS FR 35XSOVENXJ 5/10/2019  
    Sowee SAS FR 35XSOWEEX5 10/12/2017  
    Statkraft Markets GmbH DE 35XSTATMKR 7/14/2017 9/11/2019
    STX Commodities B.V NL 35XSTXXXXH 9/3/2013 9/11/2019
    Sun'R Smart Energy FR 35XSUNRXXD 12/27/2016  
    SYNELVA Collectivité FR 35XRSEIPCZ 1/25/2017  
    Synergie Maurienne FR 35XSYNMAUC 08/03/2023 NA
    Total Direct Energie SA FR 35XPOWEDIN 5/1/2013 9/11/2019
    Total Flex SAS FR 35XTOFLEXJ 1/15/2020  
    Total Gas & Power Ltd UK 35XTOTALG6   10/15/2019
    UEM SAEML FR 35XUEMXXX4 5/1/2013  
    Union des Producteurs Locaux d'Electricité SAS FR 35XENEICI3 12/13/2016 9/16/2019
    Valoris Energie FR 35XVALORI2 10/25/2019  
    VATTENFALL AB SE 35XVATTAB7 9/1/2019 9/11/2019
    Vattenfall Energie FR 35XVATTFRW 1/27/2015  
    Vertis Environmental Finance HU 35XVERTIS7 9/11/2019 9/11/2019
    Vialis SAEM FR 35XVIALISS 5/1/2013  
    Voltalia Energie FR 35XVOLTALF 26/05/2021  
    VW Kraftwerk GmbH DE 35XVWKRAFS 08/02/2022 NA
    WattValue SARL FR 35XWATTVAB 5/1/2013 9/16/2019
    Wind To Market ES 35XWINDTOZ 3/29/2018