Guarantees of Origin

    GOs are a key component of the energy transition as they provide transparent tracking of origins of renewable energy within the EU and help decarbonise your environmental footprint under international corporate standards such as RE100, SBTi and CDP. Over the past several years, the supply and demand for GOs has increased significantly, driven by renewable energy policies and more corporations decarbonising their operations via the purchase of GOs.  

    With its companies Grexel, EEX and EPEX SPOT EEX Group operates the entire value chain for the GO markets, including registry services, auctions and clearing & settlement, thus ensuring standardisation, transparency and trust in the market for renewable energies

    EEX Guarantees of Origin Futures

    EEX, in collaboration with IncubEx, introduce exchange traded, cleared and physically delivered Guarantees of Origin (GOs) futures in Europe, providing participants an innovative way to hedge or engage directly into the attributes of European renewable power. The contracts offer participants standardisation, price transparency with capital efficiencies and security through clearing on European Commodity Clearing (ECC). The following futures will be available for trading as of 2 September 2024:

    • EEX European Hydro GO 

    • EEX European Wind GO 

    • EEX European Solar GO 

    • EEX European Renewable Power GO (any technology GOs: Hydro/ Wind/ Solar/ Biomass) 


    Contract Specifications*


    Valid GO issued for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources within the meaning of Article 2 (12) of Directive (EU) 2018/2001 (European Renewable Energy Directive) in conjunction with Article 19 of Directive (EU) 2018/2001 and the EECS standard established by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) that relates to the energy source as product type (Sect. D2.2.1(b)(i) of the EECS Rules). One GO certifies 1 MWh production of electricity by means of a hydro, wind, solar or biomass technology installation located in a Member State of the European Economic Area that is represented by a member in the AIB and that is connected to the AIB Hub and whose Distribution or Transmission Systems are interconnected with other European electricity grid(s). The Management Board of the Exchange determines and announces the countries comprised by the above.

    Currently, the GO in scope of the

    • EEX European Hydro Power GO Future shall be consistent with Technology Code T03XXXX or T04XXXX and Fuel Code F01050200,
    • EEX European Wind Power GO Future shall be consistent with Technology Code T02XXXX and Fuel Code F01050100,
    • EEX European Solar Power GO Future shall be consistent with Technology Code T01XXXX and Fuel Code F01040100, as well as
    • EEX European Renewable Power GO Future shall be consistent with Technology Code T01XXXX, T02XXXX, T03XXXX, T04XXXX or T05XXXX and Fuel Code F01XXXXXX (excluding F01000000),

    of the EECS Rules Fact Sheet 5 – TYPES OF ENERGY INPUTS AND TECHNOLOGIES (EEX Power GO Futures).

    The production of electricity certified by the GO must have occurred between March and December of the year preceding the maturity of the futures contract.

    Tradable Maturities The next four January maturities (EEX Power GO Futures) 
    Contract Volume  1 lot = 1,000 GOs
    Minmum Lot-size 1 contract or a multiple thereof
    Last Trading Day  The Last Trading Day is the antepenultimate Exchange Day in January of the respective year
    Fulfillment Delivery of the purchased Guarantees of Origin (GO) takes place in accordance with the more detailed provisions in the Clearing Conditions on the last ECC Business Day of the respective maturity month, concurrently against payment of the Purchase Price, exclusively and finally by an instruction from ECC to EEX AG as the registry operator to transfer the GO to an account at EEX AG or at a recipient registry operator as specified by the purchasing Exchange Participant.
    Purchase Price  The Purchase Price for delivery under the futures transactions is the final settlement price multiplied by the quantity of GO to be transferred. The final settlement price is determined on the Last Trading Day of the respective future.
    Pricing Pricing in EUR per GO to the second decimal place (EEX Power GO Futures)
    Minimum Price-Fluctuation  EUR 0.01 per GO (EEX Power GO Futures) 


    *Please note that is information purposes only and is not legally binding. The Contract Specifications are available here

    Product Codes

    Name  ISIN Code  WKN Exchange Code  SMSS Product Group
    EEX European Hydro Power GO Future  DE000A30BLA7 A30BLA EGOH EEX_FT_GO_HYD_DMS
    EEX European Wind Power GO Future  DE000A30BLB5 A30BLB EGOW EEX_FT_GO_WIN_DMS
    EEX European Solar Power GO Future  DE000A30BLC3 A30BLC EGOS EEX_FT_GO_SOL_DMS
    EEX European Renewable Power GO Future  DE000A30BL99 A30BL9 EGOE EEX_FT_GO_POW_DMS



    • A complete offering of GO trading portfolio by the EEX Group
    • An innovative way to hedge while engaging with European renewable power
    • Standardised contracts
    • Automated physical delivery of GOs
    • Price transparency
    • Capital efficiencies
    • Security through clearing on European Commodity Clearing (ECC).
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    2024-07-04 EEX Press Release - EEX and IncubEx to expand European environmental markets with new GO Futures pdf (150 KB)


    Price List EEX


    Price List ECC


    Contract Specifications


    French power GOs auction



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    OnePager GO Futures

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