EMIR Trade Reporting

    Tailored to Customer needs

    European Commodity Clearing‘s Clearing and Non-Clearing Members using our regulatory reporting services meet the requirements of EMIR and the regulators.  EEX Group has over five years of experience in EMIR Trade Reporting. Our EMIR Trade Reporting Services help customers save resources so that they can focus on their daily business.

    Why use EEX Group EMIR Trade Reporting?

    EMIR Trade Reporting at EEX Group is both straightforward and simple.  Clearing Members and Non-Clearing Members active on EEX benefit from:

    • Automatic updates of our regulatory reporting solution upon latest regulatory requirements, inclusion of new products offered for trading and changes in data provision
    • Reporting reliably at all times – even on public holidays (T2 calendar applies)
    • Increased data consistency for EEX Group members through standardised processes for EMIR, REMIT and MiFID II / MiFIR reporting
    • Single point of contact for regulatory reporting for EMIR, REMIT and MiFID II / MiFIR under different jurisdictions
    • Easy access via FTPS server and WebClient
    • Choice between basic service and full delegation

    About EMIR

    EMIR, the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on OTC derivatives, specifies reporting obligations for counterparties and CCPs (central counterparties).

    Who needs to report?

    • Counterparties / Non-Clearing Members and Clearing Members active on the derivatives markets
    • Central Counterparties (CCPs)


    What needs to be reported?

    • Details of any derivative contract concluded
    • Any modification or termination of the contract
    • Duplication is to be avoided


    Where do I have to report to?


    When do I have to report?

    • No later than the working day following the conclusion, modification or termination of the contract (t+1)


    Where do I find the concrete text of the regulation?

    The complete text of EMIR is available here (REGULATION (EU) No 648/2012).

    Please pay special attention to Article 9.

    EMIR Trade Reporting Services

    EEX Group supports all counterparties active on the derivatives markets cleared by European Commodity Clearing (ECC) in fulfilling their obligations according to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

    Our EMIR Trade Reporting Services include:

    • Trade and position reporting for Financial (FC) and Non-Financial Counterparties (NFC)
    • Exposure reporting for Clearing Members
    • Provision of data files for individual downloading
    • Reporting to the trade repository REGIS-TR
    • Web Clients to monitor status of reported data

    Counterparties can choose between a basic service that provides data files and a full delegation service to REGIS-TR.

    EMIR Basic Service

    Through the EMIR Basic Service, ECC’s Clearing and Non-Clearing Members can easily access, and check their data. Counterparties can easily download the data files and forward them to REGIS-TR or any other trade repository.

    EMIR Harmonised File 

    The EMIR Harmonised File simplifies the reconciliation and matching process between the CCP and the CM according to Article 9 EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation).  

    The advantages of our EMIR Harmonised File are: 

    • Easy access via FTPS server 
    • Individual download of Harmonised Files 
    • Provision on the working day following the conclusion of a contract 
    • improving data quality and reducing discrepancies between the ECC and the Clearing Members with regard to UTI use and filling of some matching-relevant fields  
    • The Harmonised File is free of charge 

    The Harmonised File does not contain all EMIR-relevant reporting data and therefore cannot be sent to the Trade Repository as an EMIR report according to Article 9 EMIR.

    The advantages of our EMIR Basic Service are:

    • Easy access via FTPS server
    • EMIR data files for individual download
    • Provision on the working day following the conclusion of a contract
    • Opportunity to adapt files to fulfill individual reporting requirements
    • Files can be used as input data for reporting to a trade repository of your choice.

    EMIR Full Delegation Service

    Counterparties who wish to benefit from the highest standard of automation favour the EMIR Full Delegation Service. This service is an add-on to the EMIR Basic Service. All data is not only available as downloadable files, but is additionally reported directly to REGIS-TR.

    The advantages of our EMIR Full Delegation Service are:

    • Transfer of EMIR data files to REGIS-TR on behalf of the delegating Counterparty in a complete, accurate and timely manner
    • Reported EMIR Data and REGIS-TR message responses are provided on FTPS server
    • WebGUI to monitor and download reported EMIR data and REGIS-TR message responses


    EMIR Basic Service

    EMIR Full-Delegation Service

    Provision of EMIR data files for individual downloading

    Transfer of EMIR data files to REGIS-TR

    EUR 300*

    Free access**

    * Free of charge for CMs with at least three NCMs that delegate reporting to ECC
    ** For NCMs: can only be selected by NCMs if their CM delegates reporting to ECC

    * Please note: The mentioned price is for information purposes only. The currently binding price list is available at Trading > Price List

    How to connect to EMIR Trade Reporting

    To use the EMIR Trade Reporting Service, please fill in the following documents and send it to the Reporting Services team. After receiving the completed forms, we will contact you to start the setup process, which involves several steps to ensure that you have secure access to your reported data.

    Datum der Veröffentlichung Titel Datei
    2024-06-05 EMIR Data Services Agreement pdf (530 KB)
    2023-06-01 EMIR Harmonised File Q&A pdf (23 KB)
    2020-01-31 Population of Common Data Fields pdf (159 KB)
    2017-11-17 Product Commodity Base & Details pdf (98 KB)
    2017-11-17 UTI Construction pdf (145 KB)

    EMIR Reporting after C7

    On 12 August 2019, ECC migrated its Derivatives Position & Transaction Management from the EUREX Classic Clearing System to the C7 Clearing System. As EMIR Art. 9 Reporting bases on Clearing Data, there is a significant impact of the C7 migration on EMIR Reporting.

    Clearing and Non-Clearing Members who are already using EEX Group’s EMIR Trade Reporting Service can rely on the provided infrastructure. All necessary changes due to the migration of ECC’s Position & Transaction Management to C7 will be implemented automatically.

    Counterparties that have implemented proprietary reporting solutions should adjust their reporting in order to use the new C7-report set. Additionally, the Identifier such as the Trade-IDs for Positions and Transactions as well as the Report Tracking Number are subject to change.

    We advise counterparties that use their own reporting solutions to read the following information on the migration carefully. For changes regarding the reports please see here (eurex.com).


    In case any questions please contact reporting-services@eex.com or via phone +49 341 2156 – 380.

    Datum der Veröffentlichung Titel Datei
    2019-12-13 C7 Migration - Regulatory Reporting Impact pdf (503 KB)
    2019-06-19 ECC Clearing Circular 24/2019 - ECC C7 Migration - New Go-live schedule pdf (189 KB)
    2019-06-07 ECC Clearing Circular 22/2019 - ECC C7 Migration – Update on launch date pdf (26 KB)
    2019-03-29 EMIR Trade Reporting according to EMIR Article 9 pdf (178 KB)
    2019-02-28 ECC Clearing Circular 07/2019 - ECC C7 Migration Availability of Documentation / Simulation Announcement pdf (138 KB)
    2019-02-21 ECC Clearing Circular 05/2019 - ECC C7 Migration – Regulatory Reporting Impact pdf (395 KB)
    2018-11-29 ECC Clearing Circular 52/2018 - Migration of Derivatives Position & Transaction Management from EUREX Classic to C7 pdf (178 KB)

    Questions on regulatory issues?

    Deutsche Börse provides an overview on regulatory topics on a dedicated website.