EEX Kundeninformation - EEX tenders market making agreements for Dutch Power Futures Market

    Dear trading participants,

    To foster the development of liquidity in Dutch Power Futures, EEX is pleased to offer market making1 schemes for this market. The market making agreements will be rolled out via a tender procedure, which will take place from 15 th April to 25th April, 2024. EEX invites all interested direct and indirect trading participants to participate in the tender.

    The program combines standardization to ensure equal treatment with flexibility for best service and attractive compensation under all market conditions. For more detailed information please contact your Key Account Manager, who will provide you with further information and the necessary tender bidding forms.

    In total, EEX may select up to 2 market makers for the EEX Dutch Power Futures. The selection process will be carried out according to the rules laid down in the tender rulebook.

    All direct and indirect trading participants who wish to take part in the new market maker scheme are requested to complete and submit their application to EEX no later than 25 April 2024, 11:59 pm CEST. EEX reserves the right to carry out plausibility checks of the bidding forms and may exclude participants from the selection process.

    Please contact your Key Account Manager or Market Operations with any questions.

    Yours sincerely,

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