EEX Press Release - Transparency for Hydrogen Market with HYDRIX: EEX publishes first market-based hydrogen index

    Leipzig, 22 May 2023 - European Energy Exchange (EEX) is launching the world’s first marketbased hydrogen index, HYDRIX, and presenting it at the E-world trade fair in Essen. HYDRIX provides information on actually traded prices for green hydrogen, which is determined from supply and demand prices of hydrogen together with renowned partners from industrial and energy sectors to ensure the necessary price transparency crucial for the growing market.

    Peter Reitz, CEO of EEX, summarizes the significance of this initiative with: "HYDRIX closes a crucial pricing signal gap, which is foundational for a market ramp-up and further investment in the hydrogen economy. With a market-based Index based on actual trade prices for hydrogen we are providing a benchmark that can be used for investment decisions. We are thus paving the path for the energy industry’s zero-carbon future and demonstrate our leadership in enabling the energy transition."

    HYDRIX will be calculated on a weekly basis as of 24 May 2023 and will be published in euros per MWh on the EEX Transparency Platform every Wednesday at 4 p.m.

    All market participants active on the hydrogen market can further develop hydrogen price transparency together with EEX and actively shape this growing market. The prices provided are used securely and anonymously for the calculation of HYDRIX.

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