EEX Press Release – EEX Group Monthly Volumes - November 2021

    EEX Group today reports its November volumes including the following highlights:


    • Spot Intraday markets operated by EPEX SPOT up 17% y-o-y to 11.1 TWh with Nordic markets reporting a new high to 428.9 GWh (previous record in July 2020: 346.5 GWh).
    • Both Swiss and Greek Power Futures reported triple-digit growth to 1.7 TWh and 1.4 TWh respectively, while Austrian Power Futures hit a new record with 6.2 TWh traded (previous record in December 2019: 4.6 TWh).
    • Japanese Power Derivatives achieved a volume of 554.1 GWh (+269%).
    • US Power Derivatives recorded 247.3 TWh, increasing by 142% compared to the same period last year.

    Natural Gas

    • European Natural Gas Spot markets reached a new high of 188.9 TWh (previous record in October 2021:178.5 TWh).
      • Record month for the Dutch TTF (+74% to 85.9 TWh) and the Austrian CEGH (+70% to 12.9 TWh)
      • German THE hub recorded a 50% increase to 55.0 TWh
    • European Natural Gas Derivatives markets rose by 39% to 115.8 TWh driven by the Austrian CEGH (12.1 TWh), the German THE (9.9 TWh) and the French PEG (7.2 TWh), all reporting triple-digit growth.
      • Strong volumes for the Dutch TTF reaching 80.5 TWh (+16%)
      • New record for the Spanish PVB with 4.3 TWh traded (previous record in October 2021: 4.2 TWh)
    • US Gas Derivatives set a new record of 81.8 TWh (previous record in June 2020: 8.1 TWh).


    • Strong performance for Environmental markets in Europe reaching a total volume of 296,748,359 tonnes of CO2 (+71% y-o-y) driven by both the Spot (+131%) and Derivatives (+19%) markets.
    • The German national Emissions Trading Scheme reported 133,735,859 tonnes of CO2.
    • US Environmental Markets doubled to a total volume of 23,522 contracts traded.

    Dry Freight

    • Dry Freight Futures further achieved a 12% increase with a total traded volume of 68,050 lots.

    Agricultural products

    • EEX Agricultural products up 25% y-o-y to 4,720 contracts, driven by both the Processing Potatoe Futures (+25%) and Dairy Futures (+24%) markets.

    Please click here to access the full EEX Group Monthly Volume report. The full report is also attached to this E-Mail.

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