EEX Press Release - EEX Group achieve Record Results in 2015

    Major increases in sales revenue and EBT reported – Growth strategy continued

    Leipzig, 27 April 2016 – In 2015, European Energy Exchange (EEX) in line with its growth strategy achieved record results in both sales and profits. In the course of the year, EEX Group, now fully incorporated with the companies Powernext, EPEX SPOT and APX, implemented a series of measures which aimed to increase volumes in its core markets, while expanding its product portfolio into new regions and product classes.

    Sales revenue (EEX Group)

    EEX Group sales revenue increased by 147% to a total of EUR 190.4 million. Iris Weidinger, Chief Financial Officer of EEX, explains: “The full consolidation of the new companies has made a significant contribution to the increase in sales revenue – however, even without these effects, we achieved a considerable increase in revenue in 2015”. Since 1 January 2015, EPEX SPOT, Powernext and as of May 2015, APX (incl. Belpex) have been fully consolidated into EEX Group. After adjustment for special effects, the revenue of the group rose by 39% to EUR 107.4 million (2014: EUR 77.1 million).

    Earnings before taxes (EBT)
    In 2015, earnings before taxes totalled EUR 99.5 million. After adjustment for special effects resulting from the full consolidation, EBT rose by 56% to EUR 37.5 million (2014: EUR 24.0 million). The special effects largely resulted from the disclosure of hidden reserves at EPEX SPOT. 

    Power Derivatives Market (EEX)

    In 2015, the transaction revenue on the Power Derivatives Market increased by 58% to EUR 60.0 million (2014: EUR 38.0 million). In this context, EEX has further diversified its offering: In particular, the contribution of the Italian (EUR 9.7 million, + 240%) and French power markets (EUR 7.3 million, + 255%) increased significantly against the previous year.


    Power Spot Market (EPEX SPOT)
    Compared with 2014, transaction revenues on the Power Spot Market increased more than fivefold. As of May 2015, APX has been fully consolidated within EPEX SPOT, which has made a major contribution to the increase in transaction revenue. Additionally in 2014, this business segment only included revenue from the clearing of trades concluded on EPEX SPOT. As a result of the full consolidation of EPEX SPOT into EEX Group, revenue from trading has also been considered from 2015 onwards.


      Transaction Change
    2015 – EPEX SPOT trading and clearing,
    from May incl. APX
    EUR 63.4 million + 450%
    2015 – EPEX SPOT clearing only EUR 15.0 million + 30%
    2014 – EPEX SPOT clearing only EUR 11.5 million  

    Natural Gas (PEGAS)
    Transaction revenues in the Natural Gas business segment also increased significantly compared with the previous year. A large part thereof was as a result of the full consolidation of Powernext. However, the increased volume in the individual market areas as well as the expansion of the PEGAS platform with products for Belgium, the United Kingdom and Italy has also made a significant contribution to the increase in revenue.

    The 2014 results exclusively comprise trading on the German natural gas spot and derivatives market and on the Dutch gas spot market. Since January 2015, the entire gas market activities of EEX Group have been operated by Powernext. Therefore, compared with the previous year, the natural gas revenue for 2015 includes the trading and clearing fees of the French market areas and of the Dutch gas derivatives market in addition to the new gas products.


    2015 – PEGAS (all market areas) EUR 21.1 million + 163%
    2015 – DE and NL Spot Market market areas EUR 10.1 million + 25%
    2014 – DE and NL Spot Market market areas EUR 8.0 million  

    Environmental Products (EEX)
    The transaction revenue in the Environmentals business segment which essentiallycomprises the markets for Emission Allowances, increased by 23% to EUR 1.6 million (2014: EUR 1.3 million). The growth on the secondary market for Emission Allowances, in particular, contributed to this. In 2015, EEX fundamentally revised its offering for this market and as a result, was able to significantly increase volumes. Clearing Cooperations (ECC) The revenue from clearing cooperations of European Commodity Clearing (ECC) comprises clearing for all partner exchanges that are not fully consolidated within EEX Group. Therefore compared with the previous year, the transaction revenue from clearing for Powernext is shown in the Natural Gas segment as a result of the full consolidation.

    2015 – Partner exchanges without Powernext EUR 2.0 million - 59%
    2014 – Partner exchanges without Powernext EUR 1.4 million + 36%
    2014 – Partner exchanges incl. Powernext EUR 4.8 million  

    Further business segments
    In 2015, transaction revenue in the Global Commodities business segment, which essentially comprises the markets of Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX), increased to EUR 1.2 million (2014:EUR 0.8 million). In addition, EEX migrated the agricultural markets from Eurex to its platform in May 2015. In this new business segment, EEX recorded transaction revenue of EUR 0.2 million.

    In the Info Products business segment, the 2015 revenue totalled EUR 3.7 million – compared to EUR 1.5 million in 2014. At EUR 41.0 million, the other revenue more than tripled (2014: EUR 11.7 million). This includes annual fees, fixed fees for technica connections and market coupling. Full consolidation effects were observed in both the Info Products business segment and in other revenue.

    In the current year, EEX has launched further measures aimed to strengthen its competitive position. Peter Reitz, Chief Executive Officer of EEX, explains: “In the first quarter of 2016, we achieved volume growth across all business segments compared with the previous year. This shows that we are still on the right track with our growth strategy.”

    EEX Group provides the central market platform for energy, energy-related and commodity products and enables access to a network of over 450 trading participants. The offering of the group comprises contracts for Energy, Environmentals, Freight, Metals and Agriculturals listed at the European Energy Exchange, EPEX SPOT, Powernext, Cleartrade Exchange and Gaspoint Nordic. Clearing and settlement of transactions concluded or registered on the exchanges is provided by the central clearing house European Commodity Clearing. EEX Group is part of Deutsche Börse Group. For more information:

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