Action Required - Introduction of EEX Cloud Stream API for Gas Spot with all trades and entire order book

    EEX Market Data Services is pleased to announce that EEX can now provide all trades and the entire order book for EEX Gas Spot markets in real-time.

    With our new EEX Cloud Stream API, a cloud-based web-socket solution, all orders and trades for EEX Gas Spot are streamed without any need for physical line infrastructure. The 24/7 accessibility through public internet provides you with flexible data access without recurring data retrieval.

    For ease of access, the data which contains instrument, order and trading data is highly scalable and available in standardised formats: JSON and Google Protocol Buffers.

    Modules for all market areas can now be ordered in our EEX Group Webshop:

    EEX Cloud Stream API for Gas Spot is designed for:

    • Financial Information Providers
    • Retail Brokers
    • Market Data Vendors
    • Exchange participants

    For a first impression, you can already view the user guide here.

    Later this year, we will add dedicated EEX Cloud Stream API services for accessing End of Day Indices.

    Should you wish to make EEX Market Data available to third parties, e.g., clients or affiliated companies, it is necessary to conclude a licence agreement with us.

    For more information about the EEX Cloud Stream API, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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