EEX Press Release - EEX Group Monthly Volumes – February 2023

    EEX Group reports its February 2023 volumes with the following highlights:


    • In February 2023, the European Power Spot Market, operated by EPEX SPOT, saw a 7% increase in trading volume year-on-year, reaching a total of 53.2 TWh. Whilst Day-Ahead trading registered a 3% growth, Intraday Markets trading increased by 19%.
    • The overall EEX Power Derivatives Market trading volume reached 295.3 TWh in February, a 28% decrease year-on-year. Nonetheless, several individual European markets reported significant annual growth, including Greek Power Futures (+102%), Dutch Power Futures (+58%) as well as GB Power Futures (+53%).
    • Trading in Japanese Power Futures showed a considerable 701% growth year-on-year, having achieved a growing level of trading volume at 2.4 TWh in February. Trading volume on the U.S. Nodal Power market contracted by -10%, to a total of 291.9 TWh.
    • Overall, trading volume in the global EEX Group Power Markets in February 2023 was 18% below the previous year, registering a total of 642.8 TWh.

    Natural Gas

    • The EEX Group’s Global Gas Markets have continued with significant growth, reporting an increase of 27% on the Gas Spot Markets and +102% on the EEX European Gas Derivatives Markets, with a total of 580.9 TWh traded in the month.
      • On the natural gas spot markets, the UK NBP reported most growth in this sector (+676%), while Belgian ZEE reported a 140% trading volume expansion.
      • Most significant drivers for growth on the gas derivatives markets included the French PEG (+705%), German THE (+292%), and the Spanish PVB (+188%) gas markets.


    • The dry bulk freight market has seen strong growth in 2023 so far with EEX outgrowing the market: Trading in freight markets has seen a significant growth of 101% (126,745 contracts). Freight Options has seen a substantial increase of 1,424% (46,630 contracts), while EEX Group Freight Futures grew by 33% (80,115 contracts).

    Agricultural Products

    • Derivatives trading for dairy products has developed well and a trading volume of 3,895 contracts was reached in Dairy Futures, which was up 24% compared to the same period last year.

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