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    Why trade environmental markets on EEX?

    In trading emissions at EEX, customers benefit from:

    • highly attractive transaction fees and schemes
    • the best delivery process, completely free of charge and without clearing bank involvement
    • same-day delivery
    • extensive supply through almost daily large-scale emissions auctions
    • tight bid-ask spread by several market makers
    • state-of-the-art trading with the sophisticated trading functionalities of the EEX TT screen
    • multiple connectivity solutions - all major ISVs are supported (Trayport, Fidessa, Fastfill, Trading Technologies)
    • STP Trade Registration for all major brokers
    • cross-margining when trading emissions alongside power and gas

    How Carbon is Traded on an Exchange

    As the leading auction platform within the EU ETS, EEX provides the main purchase channel for financials and compliance buyers. Furthermore, EEX operates a growing spot and derivatives market for EUAs, EUAAs and CERs


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    In August 2017, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and IncubEx announced a partnership to build and improve liquidity in environmental and other related contracts. In this framework, the partners are increasing the number of active participants at the exchange and are creating a global trading network. The cooperation involves existing environmental products and continuously extends and improves the offering to clients.