To issue, transfer or use Guarantees of Origin in France, it is necessary to become an account holder in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin. This page provides you with information on the registration process and the list of account holders.

    Registration and List

    Registration process

    The main steps to join the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin are the following:

    1. Download and send us the admission package containing the following documents, duly completed and signed:


    Are you an account holder of the National Registry of GO for Electricity?
    Yes No

    1. General Terms and Conditions of the Biogas Guarantees of Origin Registry in France (STC)
    2. The admission file (G01)

    Please contact the customer care:


    1. General Terms and Conditions of the Biogas Guarantees of Origin Registry in France (STC)
    2.  The complete KYC, including the GO-gas/electricity appendix
    3.  The admission file (G01)

    Admission Package for non-account holders of the National Registry of Guarantees for Electricity: 

    Download here>

    2.    Fill in the admission form and agree to the EEX Standard Terms and Conditions

    3.    Please note that the documents must be signed by the company’s legal representative (or by an authorised person who has received power of attorney)

    4.    Send back the documents to the Admissions Department via email to: ​​​

    When the dossier is complete, EEX will send the account holder the login details and password, which can be used to access the secure part of the website.

    For more details: Go Account Holders 

    Account holders

    Last update on 06/11/23

    Company Name EEX AIB account number EEX BIOGAS Admission Country
    ACT Commodities B.V. 57XB53RA9T 11/10/2023 NL
    AFS Energy B.V. 57XH50FD79 11/10/2023 NL
    ALSEN 57XM20ALSI 11/10/2023 FR
    ALTENS 57XA30QL9Y 20/10/2023 FR
    AXPO SOLUTIONS AG 57XR58DC0W 11/10/2023 FR
    BIOGEM EXPRESS AG 57XC79RB2R 11/10/2023 CH
    Caely Renewables 57XK60LQ9N 11/10/2023 NL
    Capitole Energie 57XB52SZ17 11/10/2023 FR
    DYNEFF 57XL04HE1S 12/10/2023 FR
    Ecohz 57XE00756A 24/10/2023 NO
    Endesa Energia 57XM08ENDY 11/10/2023 FR
    ENGIE SA 57XM01ENGR 12/10/2023 FR
    ENI Gas & Power France 57XM13ENI7 11/10/2023 FR
    Enovos Luxembourg 57XM36PS8D 11/10/2023 LU
    ES Energies Strasbourg S.A. 57XM11ESEA 11/10/2023 FR
    GASUM OY 57XS12TX0O 13/10/2023 FI
    GAZ DE BARR 57XM26GAZJ 11/10/2023 FR
    Gaz de Bordeaux 57XF46PD7V 11/10/2023 FR
    Gaz de Paris 57XM21GAZ8 16/10/2023 FR
    GEDIA SEML 57XX63PN7M 11/10/2023 FR
    GEG Source d'Energies 57XM18GEG5 11/10/2023 FR
    GNVERT 57XT93LH08 20/10/2023 FR
    GO2-Markets GmbH 57XM53AQ8A 11/10/2023 DE
    MET Energie France 57XR93WY5P 11/10/2023 FR
    MFT Energy 57X466BB1Q 24/10/2023 DK
    Mint 57XR47LN38 11/10/2023 FR
    natGAS France SASU 57XA01YE66 11/10/2023 FR
    Nevenys Green Gas Supply and Trading 57XE36LS7F 11/10/2023 FR
    OHM ENERGIE 57XE62ZA8D 11/10/2023 FR
    OMNEGY 57XR36MS22 11/10/2023 FR
    ORIGO SASU 57XN39LX16 11/10/2023 FR
    OTC FLOW BV 57XQ32DZ1A 11/10/2023 NL
    Plum Energie SAS 57XQ74PZ6Q 11/10/2023 FR
    REDEO ANTARGAZ 57XM25REDC 11/10/2023 FR
    Renera Trading AG 57XN61GL38 18/10/2023 CH
    SAVE - Societe d Approvisionnement et de Vente d Energie 57XA05XP9N 11/10/2023 FR
    SEGE - Societe Europeenne de Gestion de l'Energie 57XM05SEGE 16/10/2023 BE
    Shell Energy Europe Limited 57X3F5F36I 11/10/2023 GB
    SICAR 57XA20CB3U 11/10/2023 FR
    SOVEN SAS 57XM15SOVK 11/10/2023 FR
    Storengy 57XA72TP1S 20/10/2023 FR
    STX Commodities BV 57XL06MC22 11/10/2023 NL
    TotalEnergies Electricite et Gaz de France 57XM03DIRE 11/10/2023 FR
    TotalEnergies Gas & Power Ltd 57XM19TOT[ 11/10/2023 CH
    TR Consultants, Unipessoal, Ltd 57X74A117J 24/10/2023 PT
    VATTENFALL ENERGIES 57XX31JF04 12/10/2023 FR

    Information on French Guarantees of Origin Registry

    All information on French Guarantees of Origin Registry is also available in French.

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