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    In conjunction with our EEX Group partners, Nodal Exchange in the US and EPEX Spot, we are the number 1 in power trading worldwide.


    EEX as the leading exchange platform in the European power market offers trading in power derivatives for €-denominated cash-settled futures contracts for 20 European power markets across Europe.


    Power contracts for the North American market can be traded via Nodal Exchange. Power in the US, unlike Europe where markets are national, is priced around regional hubs, zones and nodes, meaning utilities that are active in a number of markets are subject to basis risk if power prices move in different directions at different locations. Nodal Exchange, which joined EEX Group in 2017, has been helping participants address this risk since its launch just over a decade ago. Nodal Exchange offers the world’s largest set of electrical power locational (nodal) futures contracts and achieved a record year of trading and a record 45% market share of power futures open interest in 2019 - and, the growth continues…


    In May 2020, EEX launched Trade Registration services for the Japanese Power Market. This new product offering, will be the first Asian market area on the EEX Power Derivatives platform and the first EEX Group product specifically built for the Asian market.

    Why trade in power derivatives at EEX?

    The power derivatives market at EEX offers you:

    • Trading along the whole curve from day to year contracts
    • Exchange trading and Trade Registration as well as spread trading available
    • Local support on site for all major markets
    • Gaining market shares in mayor markets




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    "With 17 local offices around the world we are really close to our clients. We have to make sure that we think globally but act truly locally."



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    Steffen Riediger

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    EEX Japan Power

    To find out all the details on our new offering for Japan Power, please visit our new micro-site.


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