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    Issue June 2024


    • New Supramax contracts              
    • EEX LNG portfolio development including LNG Freight
    • Our global presence 
    • Freight Working Group – London, 12th September 
    • EUA shipping price signals via EEX Market Data

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    Issue December 2023


    • Additional ways to learn about the state of our markets
    • Have your say on how to approach the maritime sector joining the EU ETS in our EUA survey
    • An insight into EEX Group Touchpoint with our How-to videos
    • Market data on Bloomberg

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    Issue July 2023


    • New option expiries available
    • Touchpoint - What's new?
    • Press play - EU ETS compliance considerations for companies in the maritime sector
    • Meet you in London - 
      Freight Working Group | 7 September | Quaglino’s, London | 17:00 – 18:30

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    Issue June 2022


    • Improved margins for EEX Freight contracts
    • Fit for 55 – is Shipping running out of time?
    • P6_82 Panamax Freight Futures – NOW LIVE!
    • Welcome on board!
    • Get ready for Touchpoint

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    Issue December 2021


    • Freight Margining Update
    • Sustainable Shipping @ IDX
    • Webinar: Accessing the EU ETS from Asia
    • The Rising Role of Funds in Freight

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