Welcome at EEX. This means European Energy Exchange and shows where we have our roots. As the leading energy exchange in Europe, we develop, operate and connect the markets for global energy and commodity trading from Leipzig and 16 other worldwide offices. Why are we so successful? We are a team of experts that drives forward great projects and also shares experiences, celebrates success and creates memories.

Certification as family-friendly company

In March 2016, we have been awarded the title of a family-friendly company in the framework of the “audit berufundfamilie”. We have also signed a target agreement in the context of the audit in order to targetedly develop the offering for its employees. Compliance with the targets through the continuous expansion of the human resources measures is reviewed regularly and forms the basis for the maintenance of the certification.

Job Openings

We are looking for committed employees with experience in the energy and finance sector. Applications from people with disabilities are expressly welcome and will be given preferential treatment if they are equally suitable.

You think, you don't fully match the requirements in our job opening? No problem. We look forward to your application and give you the opportunity to grow with us.

2020/06/03IT Service Manager: IT Incident-, Problem- & Changemanagement (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/05/27IT Service Manager Jira Confluence (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/05/14Member of Staff: Accounting & Tax (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/05/11Member of Staff: Accounting & Tax (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/05/07Information Services Officer (f/m/d) (temporary) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/05/06HR Administration Supporter (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/04/28IT Solution Architect (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/04/22Revenue & Invoicing Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/04/14Member of Staff Risk Management (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/04/14Working Student Project Office (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/04/09IT Provider Manager (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/04/07Software Developer Python - Focus: cloud technologies (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/04/06IDP Specialist (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/27Steuerberater (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
Steuerfachwirt (f/m/d) (German)
European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Head of Accounting & Tax (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26(Senior) Project Manager Focus: Clearing & Commodity Markets (f/m/d) (German/English)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student Business Development Focus: Model Validation (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Analyst Market Surveillance (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Frontoffice/ Receptionist (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student European Power Derivatives (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student Boards and Committees (f/m/d)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Member of Staff Tax (f/m/d)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Financial Settlement Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Senior Reporting Services Officer - Focus: Test Automation (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Senior Reporting Services Officer - Focus: Projects (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Reporting Services Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26(Senior-) Clearing Operations Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Identity & Access Management Specialist (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Identity& Access Management Engineer (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26IAM Specialist SoD (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Service Manager IAM (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Member of Staff IT Operations - Data Management (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26IT Internal Auditor (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Information Risk Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26IT Security Professional - SIEM (f/m/d) (English/German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26IT Security Professional - CERT (f/m/d) (English/German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Director Software Development (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Director IT Operations (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Member of Staff Market Operations (f/m/d) (German)EPEX SPOT SELeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student IT Service Management (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26(Senior) IT Project Leader (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student / Intern Market Data Services - Information Services (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Working Student Growth Initiatives / M&A (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2020/03/26Database Administrator (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2020/03/26System Administrator (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig

Inside EEX

Read what our colleagues have to say about their work at EEX:

Iris Weidinger - Chief Financial Officer (EEX)

In 1999, I got to know EEX as a project in its infancy, initially as the head of audit. However, I soon became very enthusiastic about it, so much so that I wanted to move to the "other side" of the project and make an active contribution to its successful implementation - as an employee of EEX. > more


Tobias Paulun - Chief Strategy Officer (EEX)

In recent years, EEX has progressed and developed (along with the industries in which it operates) and has made a decisive contribution to European energy trading. Ideas which were launched as niche products after the liberalisation of the power and gas markets have become the standard throughout Europe and even taken into account beyond Europe. > more


Hendrik Mestenhauser - Director IT Service Management (EEX)

What motivates us is our aim of being a competent partner for our customers. This is also my personal motivation which I have pursued within EEX since 2001. After getting to know the company (which has a multitude of IT-supported processes) from a rather technical perspective, I expanded my focus again when I assumed responsibility for the Member Readiness Department. > more

Andrea Friedrich - Expert Market Operations (EEX)

I have worked for EEX Group since 2006 and got to know the core business through my initial work in the Market Operations Department, where I was involved in operations.
> more