As the leading energy exchange in Europe, the Leipzig-based EEX Group has offices in 16 different locations. Our customers include renowned international companies operating in different markets - which EEX (as an exchange) brings together. We rely on our competent and dedicated team to continuously promote our products and services.

Our employees’ qualification and experience profiles are as diverse as our product and service offering. We are convinced that, in addition to expertise and high levels of performance, diversity is an important success factor. For this reason, we offer multi-faceted, responsible jobs so together we can further develop our company.

Interested? We are looking forward to further developing our company with you.

Certification as family-friendly company

In March 2016, we have been awarded the title of a family-friendly company in the framework of the “audit berufundfamilie”. We have also signed a target agreement in the context of the audit in order to targetedly develop the offering for its employees. Compliance with the targets through the continuous expansion of the human resources measures is reviewed regularly and forms the basis for the maintenance of the certification.

Job Openings

We are looking for committed employees with experience in the energy and finance sector for the following positions:

2018/1210Professional Member Readiness (2 open positions) (f/m/d)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/11/28Application Manager (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/11/23Personnel Officer Payroll and HR Systems (f/m/d) (German) European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/11/16Member of Staff Market Operations (f/m/d) (German)EPEX SPOT SELeipzig
2018/11/12Working Student
Office Management (f/m/d)
European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/10/17Lawyer (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/10/09Recruiting / Employer Branding Specialist (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Employee IT Operations - Data Management (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Accountant (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Senior Controller / IT Controller (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Senior Risk Operations Officer (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Working Student Controlling (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig

Member of Staff
Market Operations (f/m/d) (German)

European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Employee Risk Management | Default Management (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Employee IT-Operations (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Employee Testmanagement (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Expert Testmanagement (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Quantitive Analyst - Risk Controlling & Bank Compliance (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Working Student Physical Settlement (f/m/d) (German)European Commodity Clearing AGLeipzig
2018/09/28Working Student IT Service Management (f/m/d) (German)European Energy Exchange AGLeipzig

Inside EEX

Read what our colleagues have to say about their work at EEX:

Iris Weidinger - Chief Financial Officer (EEX)

In 1999, I got to know EEX as a project in its infancy, initially as the head of audit. However, I soon became very enthusiastic about it, so much so that I wanted to move to the "other side" of the project and make an active contribution to its successful implementation - as an employee of EEX. > more


Tobias Paulun - Chief Strategy Officer (EEX)

In recent years, EEX has progressed and developed (along with the industries in which it operates) and has made a decisive contribution to European energy trading. Ideas which were launched as niche products after the liberalisation of the power and gas markets have become the standard throughout Europe and even taken into account beyond Europe. > more


Hendrik Mestenhauser - Director IT Service Management (EEX)

What motivates us is our aim of being a competent partner for our customers. This is also my personal motivation which I have pursued within EEX since 2001. After getting to know the company (which has a multitude of IT-supported processes) from a rather technical perspective, I expanded my focus again when I assumed responsibility for the Member Readiness Department. > more


Anja Reimann – Sales Manager (EEX)

I have worked for EEX since March 2010. Initially, I worked at the Office Management Department before moving to the Sales Department. The transfer to a department which requires specific technical knowledge was not a matter of course, since I had not worked in the energy industry before. > more


Andrea Friedrich - Expert Market Operations (EEX Power Derivatives GmbH)

I have worked for EEX Group since 2006 and got to know the core business through my initial work in the Market Operations Department, where I was involved in operations.
> more