Market Access for Non-Members

    It is possible to trade EEX products without becoming an exchange member. A number of EEX members, mainly but not exclusively banks, are happy to provide access to EEX products for non-members (“Access Provider”). Under this set up, the non-member trades via the member ID of the Access Provider. There are various possible access options available, depending on each Access Provider’s offering, e.g. the non-member uses

    a) its own trading frontend,
    b) the trading screen of the Access Provider, or
    c) no frontend at all, where everything is handled by the Access Provider.

    The design of the access defines to what extent the Access Provider can influence the trading activity and orders of the non-member. In all cases, the Access Provider remains legally and operationally responsible for any transactions concluded under its member ID.


    Register as Market Access Provider

    If you wish to add your organisation to the list, please complete and return the following form.

    2022-12-14 Declaration of consent for publication on the EEX website Documents General pdf (503 KB)

    Alternative Access available for Small/Medium Enterprises & Fund Managers via SAXO Bank A/S

    In addition to the ‘Market Access for Non-Members’ option as listed above, there is also an alternative solution in place, through which Saxo Bank A/S offers its clients the opportunity to trade a variety of EEX products.
    Saxo Bank A/S, while not being a direct member of EEX, has created a process whereby its clients have direct access to a range of EEX products which enable them to hedge/trade their energy exposure.

    Currently the following EEX future contracts are being offered:

    • EEX German Power (Base and Peak load futures)
    • EEX Italian Power (Base and Peak load futures)
    • EEX French Power (Base and Peak load futures)
    • EEX Dutch Power (Base and Peak load futures)
    • EEX EUA Emissions

    If the Saxo Bank A/S offering to trade EEX Power & Carbon Derivatives interests you, please contact the EEX Sales department on the contact details outlined below.

    Need further assistance?

    Please contact Sales in Leipzig at +49 341 2156-555 or

    We are pleased to support you.