Training Spot Market Emissions Certificates

Having successfully passed the "Spot Market Emissions Certificates" training (including information on the derivatives market of emissions certificates), you are entitled to trade in emission allowances on the EEX Spot Market. You will receive comprehensive information on exchange trading in emission rights on EEX.

Overview of training (0.5 day)

  • 1

    Training (on-site event - voluntary participation)

    You will attain the essential specialist knowledge about exchange trading of emission rights, which is necessary for the exam.

    Training material:
    - Learning advices
    - Training documents
    - Sample questions

    Cost: 400€ per person

  • 2

    System Training (compulsory for the exam admission)

    Via e-learning, you will obtain the expertise needed for the usage of our EEX trading systems.

    Training material:
    - Learning advices
    - Sample questions

    Cost: free of charge

  • 3

    Exchange Trader Exam (on-site event)

    The written examination (0.5 h) can be taken on one of thesuggested dates.

    Once you have passed the exchange trader exam, you are entitled to trade at the EEX spot market for emission rights.

    Cost: free of charge

Selectable Module Combinations

  • 1. Training

  • 2. System training

  • 3. Exchange trader examination