General Information

All trainers are specialists who are pleased to share their long-standing experience in exchange and energy trading with you. Thereby, you can decide whether you wish to use our comprehensive training programme via e-learning or an on-site class or whether you prefer to invite a professional in-house trainer to your premises.

If you wish to get to know EEX, we offer you the opportunity to get an inside view of the exchange. Furthermore, you can book our trainers for specialist lectures.

The EEX Trader Exam is only required for the admission for trading at EEX. For further information on admission criteria of the EEX Group members, please contact:



EEX Asia


EEX Exam required for admission to trading of all EEX products

EPEX SPOT Trader Exam


no exam

no exam required

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Training Programme

Training CourseRelevant for admission
(incl. examination)
Prior knowledgeTraining periodAvailable as e-learningAvailable as in-house training
Comprehensive Exchange TradingYesNot necessary2 daysnoyes
EEX Trader ExamYesNecessary30 min examyesyes
Trade RegistrationYesRecommendedE-learningyesno
Spot Market Emission RightsYesRecommended½ daynoyes
EPEX SPOT PowerYesRecommended½ daynoyes
Introduction to Exchange TradingNoNot necessary1 daynoyes
ClearingNoRecommended1 dayyesno
Energy Trading SimulationsNoRecommended1 daynoyes

Training course venues

There are several ways to take our training courses:

  • Public Events

    - Take place at selected hotels and conference centres

    - Exchange with employees of other companies

    - Travel and accommodation costs are at the expense of the participants

  • In-house Training Courses

    - Take place at your premises (no travel costs for you or your team)

    - Small group sizes that ensure a practical orientation and are more targeted

    - Individual questions are considered

    - Agree your desired date viatraining@eex.comor +49 341 2156 248

  • E-Learning

    - You can do your training course at home, at work or on the go (location-independence)

    - Works with any device

    - No travel and accommodation costs

    - Interactive learning, for example with training tasks

Please remember that an additional fee is charged for organising an in-house training course.

Examination board

In accordance with Article 6 of the EEX Admission Rules, the Management Board of the Exchange has appointed the following examination board:

  • Ekkehard Will (chairman of the examination board)
  • Steffen Köhler
  • Denny Wientzek