Upon successfully passed the EEX trader exam, you will be entitled to take part in trading on the EEX Spot and Derivatives Markets.

This course is designed for exchange traders who already have comprehensive professional experience in exchange trading. You have the opportunity to individually prepare yourself for the exam with the help of training material provided by us.

Please note: The EEX trader exam is only required for the admission for trading at EEX. For further information on admission criteria of the EEX Group members, please contact:

  • 1

    Exam preparation
    (voluntary participation)

    You can easily prepare yourself for the exchange trader exam with the help of the e-learning exam preparation tool.

    Provided training material:
    - Training documents
    - Learning hints
    - Sample questions

    Cost: EUR 400 per person

  • 2

    System training
    (compulsory for test admission)

    With the help of our e-learning tool you will attain the special skills needed for using the EEX trading systems.

    Provided training material:
    - Learning hints
    - Sample questions

    Cost: EUR 250 per person

  • 3

    EEX trader exam

    The written exam (0.5 h) can be taken on one of oursuggested attendance dates

    Passing the examination is mandatory in order to be admitted as an exchange trader on the EEX spot and derivatives markets.

    Cost: EUR 200 per person

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  • 1. Exam Preparation

  • 2. System training

  • 3. EEX trader exam