Comprehensive Exchange Trading

2-day comprehensive exchange trading course + EEX trader exam

The 2-day Comprehensive Exchange Trading Course is designed specifically for participants who want to take up exchange trading or develop further professionally. They gain comprehensive knowledge regarding exchange trading at EEX.

Once you have successfully passed the two-day face-to-face comprehensive exchange trading course, you are entitled to trade at the EEX spot and derivatives markets. Furthermore, all participants receive a certificate confirming attendance on the course and successful passing of the relevant examination.

Please note: The EEX trader exam is only required for the admission for trading at EEX. For further information on admission criteria of the EEX Group members, please contact:

New: The exam preparation tool is included!

Structure of the 2-day comprehensive exchange trading course

  • 1


    You will attain relevant specialist knowledge about exchange trading.

    Therefore we provide training documents as well as learning hints and sample questions.

  • 2

    System Training

    The system training is mandatory for the admission to the exam.

    Via e-learning you will obtain the specialist knowledge you need for using the EEX trading systems.

  • 3

    EEX Certification Exam

    The examination for the certificate course takes 75 minutes and consists of the EEX trader exam which is relevant for admission as well as additional questions. Once you have passed the EEX trader exam, you are entitled to trade on the EEX spot and derivatives markets.

Training Times:

Day 1: Training 9 am – 6 pm
Day 2: Training 8.30 am – 3 pm, Exam: 3 pm – 4.30 pm

Various breaks are planned in the course of the training.

  • 1. Training

  • 2. System training

  • 3. Examination