Member Impact


According to REMIT, market participants are required to:

  • specify where they will publish potential inside information during their registration as market participant,
  • disclose inside information for business or facilities of any size,
  • ensure effective and timely publication of data,
  • forward  this data to authorities, such as ACER.

EU Transparency Regulation

The EU Transparency Regulation requires market participants to forward REMIT data to ENTSO-E according to article 4, 7, 14, 15 and 16.


MAR obliges market participants to:

  • disclose inside information for business and facilities, including aviation activities,
  • actively distribute data to relevant media,
  • draft and maintain an insider list,
  • disclose managers’ transactions in emission allowances,
  • draft and maintain a list of managers and their affiliates.


EEX supports its participants in fulfilling their reporting obligations. Learn more about our services in the section Regulatory Reporting Services > Reporting of Inside Information > Reporting Services & Fees.