The Organised Market Places (OMPs) EEX and EPEX SPOT offer the reporting of transaction data according to Article 8 of REMIT. This service enables all trading participants to delegate their reporting obligations of transaction data to those exchanges. This includes all transactions concluded on any of the exchanges or traded via the Trade Registration function as well as orders for these trading venues.

The service covers the reporting as well as the provision of exchange trading data. The data will be formatted as defined by REMIT, the REMIT Implementing Regulation and the latest procedures, standards and electronic formats published by ACER and will be reported or provided accordingly.

The conclusion of the REMIT Data Services Agreement is a precondition for the use of the transaction reporting service as stated below, with EEX as the central contractual counterparty.





11/05/2020REMIT Data Services Agreement v0007BPDF

Basic Service

  • Data provision to the market participant for individual downloading

The Basic Service (provision of ACER XML files) will allow members to download the formatted data and report it via the RRM of their choice, or select an automated transfer.

Additional Service

  • Reporting to ACER
  • Data provision to ElCom, the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission
  • Data provision to Equias (with data being subsequently sent to ACER)


EPEX SPOT Market Participants have access to the basic data provision and the direct reporting service to ACER and ElCom. Members that wish to have access to the Trayport reporting service for EEX are recommended to select the basic service. Trayport will then retrieve the data directly from the FTP.

For bilateral transactions concluded off the exchange (OTC transactions), trading participants will be able to use the same technical infrastructure in the context of an additional service. Please contact for further information.

REMIT Reporting Services & Monthly Fees

The trading venues of EEX Group, the so-called Organised Market Places (OMPs) are allocated to three major OMP Groups. The following price list applies depending on the number of OMP Groups selected:


OMP Group



EEX Spot & regulated market, EEX Non-MTF market




No. of OMP Groups selected

Basic Service

Data provision to the market participant

Additional Services*

Reporting to ACER

Data provision to Elcom or Equias


EUR 250

Free of charge

EUR 100



EUR 450


EUR 600

* Can only be selected in addition to the Basic Service.