Position Reporting – Overview

  • As part of MiFID II, there is an obligation for EEX and Powernext to submit a daily/weekly position report to the relevant National Competent Authorities (NCAs), e.g. BaFin/AMF (Article 58, paragraph 1).
    • EEX/Powernext will leverage ECC position data to generate a draft report with all the information available for each exchange member (NCM)
  • Exchange members are required to support the position reporting of the trading venues (Article 58, paragraph 3) and can do so using the regulatory reporting solution of EEX Group.
    • Members can access and amend the draft reports provided by the regulatory reporting service of EEX Group.
    • Members only need to contribute additional information not available to the exchange (for non-investment firms this will include the hedge/spec flag).
    • Investment firms have the obligation to submit own position reports to NCAs
    • Split-up of positions on client level can be created based on the draft reports generated by EEX.
    • Reporting of off-exchange positions is supported (for derivatives listed at EEX/Powernext).

Position Reporting – Standard Workflow

  • Reports are automatically generated based on ECC position data, member static data and default values provided by the member.
  • EEX provides draft reports for amendment or replacement by the member on SFTP.
  • Members can optionally amend report data.
  • Reports are automatically submitted to the National Competent Authority (NCA)  using the access infrastructure of the Regulatory Reporting Hub (RRH) of Deutsche Börse AG.

  • Static Data

  • Draft Reports

  • Member Access to Draft Reports

  • Report Submission

  • Schema


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