RTS 2 Pre-Trade Transparency

EEX provides the pre-trade transparency data for trading via the respective market data system of the Deutsche Börse Group. More detailed information are published here: http://www.mds.deutsche-boerse.com/mds-en/data-services/real-time-market-data/mifid-ii-disaggregated-information-products.

Please be aware that the quotation time is displayed in UTC.

RTS27 Reports (Regulatory Technical Standards)

The MiFID II regulation aims at achieving transparency over companies’ order execution modalities through a best execution scheme. As trading venues whose asset class has been identified by ESMA’s Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS27), EEX and Powernext are required to implement reporting and monitoring procedures to determine the best way to execute client orders, taking into consideration the regulation.

Consequently, EEX and Powernext will publish quarterly 5 reports including the following information for each financial instrument, each trading day and each trading venue:

  • Transaction prices (simple and volume-weighted averages, highest and lowest, best bids and best asks, etc.)
  • Transaction volumes
  • Transaction timestamps
  • Trading systems
  • Trading modes
  • Number orders or request for quotes received
  • Etc.

The reports will be published for EEX and Powernext for report table 1-4 and 6-8 on a daily, and for report table 5 on a quarterly basis on the respective websites:

> to the RTS27 report

RTS 21 Weekly Position Report

For the purpose of the weekly reports referred to in Art 58(1)(a) of Directive 2014/65/EU and Art 83 of COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2017/565, EEX has to publish the weekly position report when both of the following two thresholds are met: (a) 20 open position holders exist in a given contract on a given trading venue; and (b) the absolute amount of the gross long or short volume of total open interest, expressed in the number of lots of the relevant commodity derivative, exceeds a level of four times the deliverable supply in the same commodity derivative, expressed in number of lots. In consequence EEX will provide the report only if the thresholds are met.


25/03/2020 Weekly Position Report (118 KB) XLS