MiFID II entered into force on 3 Jan 2018

MiFID II, the revision of MiFID I and a new regulation, MiFIR changes the rules for trading commodity derivatives. All derivatives contracts are effected by MiFID II and led to increased reporting requirements for trading participants. EEX Group built up a unique compliance service framework to meet MIFID II requirements with minimal effort.

All traders exceeding the ancillary activity exemption threshold are categorised as an investment firm and are therefore inside the scope of MiFID II. Only traders with ancillary activities in trading commodity derivatives stay outside the scope of MiFID II.

Every commodity derivative contract is subject to position limits (see more information in tables below) and trigger the obligation for market participants as well as trading venues to report positions.

MiFID II Webinar
Watch the full length video recording on important obligations here.

MiFID II short code upload tutorial
Learn more about MiFID II related changes to the trading system and how to upload short codes in our video tutorial.

MiFID II Downloads

08/04/2020 Spreads Del. Regulation 2017 583 and § 33 Abs. 1 S. 3 BörsO (67 KB) XLS
13/09/2018 MiFID EEX overview short code mapping (0.7 MB) PDF
11/05/2020 MiFID II/MiFIR Data Services Agreement (V4B) (0.6 MB) PDF
07/06/2018 MiFID II MiFIR Data Services Description (1.8 MB) PDF
09/01/2018 MiFID II Q&A (274 KB) PDF
09/01/2018 MiFID II Q&A Track Changes (0.6 MB) PDF
27/10/2017 2017-10-27 EEX Customer Information - OTF Transition (276 KB) PDF
12/10/2017 Third Country Firms under MiFID II (EEX Participants) (127 KB) PDF
20/06/2018 Third Country Firms under MiFID II - German Banking act (113 KB) PDF

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