ECC offers a basic service to provide EMIR data files for individual downloading. The files will be available in the format required by Regis-TR, the trade repository EEX Group cooperates with. Please note: The Regis-TR reporting participant account becomes obsolete with this service.

Members that plan to use a Trade Repository other than Regis-TR need to adapt the files according to the requirements of the respective repository-Clearing Members (CMs) and Non-Clearing Members (NCMs) whose CMs use the ECC’ reporting service can also delegate the transfer of data to Regis-TR. This additional service is free of charge and will include the provision of the reported data and message responses on the FTP server. Members can further monitor their data by using our dedicated WebClient.

The conclusion of the EMIR Data Services Agreement is a precondition for the use of the trade reporting service, with ECC as the central contractual counterparty.

Availability for Non-Clearing Members (NCMs)

The EMIR trade reporting service is only available for Non-Clearing Members (NCMs) whose Clearing Members (CMs) also delegate EMIR reporting to ECC.

For NCMs whose CMs have not delegated reporting, ECC will report the UTI and Common Data Fields according to the ECC reporting specifications and Regis-TR format requirements. The NCM needs to adapt the provided data to the respective CM specifications.

EMIR Reporting Services & Monthly Fees

The EMIR reporting services cover trade and position reporting for all counterparties. Exposure reporting is only relevant for Financial Counterparties (FC) and Non-Financial Counterparties exceeding the EMIR Clearing Threshold (NFC+).


Basic Service

Additional Service

Provision of EMIR data files for individual downloading

Transfer of EMIR data files to Regis-TR

EUR 300*

Free of charge**

* Free of charge for CMs with at least 3 NCMs that delegate reporting to ECC.

** For NCMs: can only be selected by NCMs if their CM delegates reporting to ECC.


Further Information

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•       ECC Admission


07/03/2018 EMIR Data Services Agreement (315 KB) PDF
15/11/2018 Population of Common Data Fields (159 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 Product Commodity Base & Details (98 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 CFI Construction (96 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 UTI Construction (145 KB) PDF