EMIR Trade Reporting Services

EEX Group supports all counterparties active on the derivatives markets cleared by European Commodity Clearing (ECC) in fulfilling their obligations according to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

Our EMIR Trade Reporting Services include:

  • Trade and position reporting for Financial (FC) and Non-Financial Counterparties (NFC)
  • Exposure reporting for Clearing Members
  • Provision of data files for individual downloading
  • Reporting to the trade repository REGIS-TR
  • Web Clients to monitor status of reported data

Counterparties can choose between a basic service that provides data files and a full delegation service to REGIS-TR.

EMIR Basic Service

Through the EMIR Basic Service, ECC’s Clearing and Non-Clearing Members can easily access, and check their data. Counterparties can easily download the data files and forward them to REGIS-TR or any other trade repository.

The advantages of our EMIR Basic Service are:

  • Easy access via FTPS server
  • EMIR data files for individual download
  • Provision on the working day following the conclusion of a contract
  • Opportunity to adapt files to fulfill individual reporting requirements
  • Files can be used as input data for reporting to a trade repository of your choice.

EMIR Full Delegation Service

Counterparties who wish to benefit from the highest standard of automation favour the EMIR Full Delegation Service. This service is an add-on to the EMIR Basic Service. All data is not only available as downloadable files, but is additionally reported directly to REGIS-TR.

The advantages of our EMIR Full Delegation Service are:

  • Transfer of EMIR data files to REGIS-TR on behalf of the delegating Counterparty in a complete, accurate and timely manner
  • Reported EMIR Data and REGIS-TR message responses are provided on FTPS server
  • WebGUI to monitor and download reported EMIR data and REGIS-TR message responses


EMIR Basic Service

EMIR Full-Delegation Service

Provision of EMIR data files for individual downloading

Transfer of EMIR data files to REGIS-TR

EUR 300*

Free access**

* Free of charge for CMs with at least three NCMs that delegate reporting to ECC

** For NCMs: can only be selected by NCMs if their CM delegates reporting to ECC

* Please note: The mentioned price is for information purposes only. The currently binding price list is available at Trading > Price List

How to connect to EMIR Trade Reporting

To use the EMIR Trade Reporting Service, please fill in the following documents and send it to the Reporting Services team.


07/03/2018 EMIR Data Services Agreement (315 KB) PDF
31/01/2019 Population of Common Data Fields (159 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 Product Commodity Base & Details (98 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 CFI Construction (96 KB) PDF
17/11/2017 UTI Construction (145 KB) PDF

If you are interested in any of the EMIR Trade Reporting Services or require further information, please contact the Reporting Services team in good time.

After receiving the completed forms, we will contact you to start the setup process, which involves several steps to ensure that you have secure access to your reported data.