EMIR Reporting after C7

On 12 August 2019, ECC will migrate its Derivatives Position & Transaction Management from the EUREX Classic Clearing System to the C7 Clearing System. As EMIR Art. 9 Reporting bases on Clearing Data, there is a significant impact of the C7 migration on EMIR Reporting.

Clearing and Non-Clearing Members who are already using EEX Group’s EMIR Trade Reporting Service can rely on the provided infrastructure. All necessary changes due to the migration of ECC’s Position & Transaction Management to C7 will be implemented automatically.

Counterparties that have implemented proprietary reporting solutions should adjust their reporting in order to use the new C7-report set. Additionally, the Identifier such as the Trade-IDs for Positions and Transactions as well as the Report Tracking Number are subject to change.

We advise counterparties that use their own reporting solutions to read the following information on the migration carefully. For changes regarding the reports please see  www.eurexclearing.com  > Eurex Clearing > Technology > Eurex Clearing's C7 > System documentation.

In case any questions please contact reporting-services@eex.com or via phone +49 341 2156 – 380.

19/06/2019 ECC Clearing Circular 24/2019 - ECC C7 Migration - New Go-live schedule (189 KB) PDF
07/06/2019 ECC Clearing Circular 22/2019 - ECC C7 Migration – Update on launch date (26 KB) PDF
29/11/2018 ECC Clearing Circular 52/2018 - Migration of Derivatives Position & Transaction Management from EUREX Classic to C7 (178 KB) PDF
21/02/2019 ECC Clearing Circular 05/2019 - ECC C7 Migration – Regulatory Reporting Impact (395 KB) PDF
28/02/2019 ECC Clearing Circular 07/2019 - ECC C7 Migration Availability of Documentation / Simulation Announcement (138 KB) PDF
29/03/2019 EMIR Trade Reporting according to EMIR Article 9 (178 KB) PDF
13/12/2019 C7 Migration - Regulatory Reporting Impact (503 KB) PDF

Are you interested in using EEX Group’s EMIR Trade Reporting Services? Please contact the Reporting Services Team directly.