Product Overview

EEX Group provides the central market platform for energy and commodity products. EEX Group companies are specialised in specific markets to ensure targeted development of the individual markets.

The Group offering comprises contracts for Power, Natural Gas, Coal, Oil, Environmental Products, Freight, Metals and Agricultural Markets listed on the European Energy Exchange, EPEX SPOT, Powernext, CLTX and Gaspoint Nordic.

Clearing and settlement of transactions concluded or registered on the exchanges is provided by the central clearing house of the Group, European Commodity Clearing.

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> Power

Power Spot

  • Austrian Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • Belgian Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • Dutch Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • French Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • French capacity guarantees
  • German Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • Serbian Power Spot
  • Swiss Power Spot (IT|DA)
  • UK Power Spot (IT|DA)

Power Spot Markets are operated by EPEX SPOT.

> products offered by EPEX SPOT

Power Derivatives

  • Belgian Power Futures (F|P)
  • Czech Power Futures (F)
  • Dutch Power Futures (F|P)
  • French Power Futures (F|P)
  • French Power Options
  • German Intraday Cap Futures (F)
  • German Intraday Floor Futures (F)
  • German/Austrian Wind Power Futures
  • Greek Power Futures (F)
  • Hungarian Power Futures (F|P)
  • Italian Power Futures (F)
  • Italian Power Options
  • Nordic Power Futures (F)
  • Phelix Power Futures (F)
  • Phelix Power Options
  • Polish Power Futures (F)
  • Romanian Power Futures (F)
  • Slovak Power Futures (F|P)
  • Spanish Power Futures (F)
  • Spanish Power Options
  • Swiss Power Futures (F|P)
  • UK Power Futures (F)

Power Derivatives Markets are operated by EEX and PXE.

> products offered by EEX

> products offered by PXE

 > Natural Gas

Natural Gas Spot

  • ETF Danish Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • GASPOOL German Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • Czech VTP Gas Spot (DA)
  • NCG German Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • TTF Dutch Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • ZEE Belgian Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • ZTP Belgian Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • NBP UK Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • PEG NORD French Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)
  • TRS French Natural Gas Spot (IT|DA)

Natural Gas products are provided by PEGAS, powered by POWERNEXT, and GASPOINT NORDIC.

> products offered by PEGAS

> products offered by PXE

> products offered by Powernext

Natural Gas Derivatives

  • Czech Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • ETF Danish Natural Gas Month-Ahead (P)
  • GASPOOL German Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • NBP UK Natural Gas Futures (GBP|P)
  • NCG German Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • PEG NORD French Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • PSV Italian Gas Futures (F|P)
  • TRS French Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • TTF Dutch Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • ZEE Belgian Natural Gas Futures (P)
  • ZTP Belgian Natural Gas Futures (P)

> Coal


  • API 2 CIF ARA Coal
    Futures (F) 1
  • API 4 FOB Richards Bay Coal
    Futures (F) 1
  • API 5 FOB Newcastle Coal
    Futures (F) 1 *
  • API 8 CFR South China Coal Futures (F) 1
  • Indonesian Sub-bituminous Coal
    Futures (F) 2 *
  • Options on API 2, API 4,
    API 5 (F) *

> products offered by EEX

                  > Oil


  • 3.5 % FOB Barges Rotterdam Oil Futures (F|SGX) 3
  • Cargoes Singapore Oil Futures (180 CST FOB, 380 CST FOB) (F|SGX)

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange

Environmental Markets

> Environmental Markets

Emission Allowances Spot

  • EU Emission Allowances (EUA) Primary Market Auctions & Continuous Trading (P)

  • EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA) Primary Market Auctions & Continuous Trading (P)
  • Certified Emission Reductions (Green CER) (P)

> products offered by EEX

Emission Allowances Derivatives

  • EU Emission Allowances (EUA) Futures (P)
  • EU Aviation Allowances (EUAA) Futures (P)
  • Certified Emissions Reductions (Green CER) Futures (P)
  • EUA Options

> products offered by EEX

Guarantees of Origin

  • Guarantees of Origin (GoO) Futures (P)

> products offered by EEX

> Freight

Dry Bulk Freight

  • Capesize TC4 Freight
    Futures (F)
  • Capesize TC5 Freight
    Futures (F)
  • Panamax TC Freight
    Futures (F)
  • Supramax TC Freight
    Futures (F)
  • Handysize TC Freight
    Futures (F)
  • P1A Panamax Transatlantic Freight
    Futures (F)
  • P2A Panamax Far East Freight
    Futures (F)
  • P3A Panamax Pacific Freight
    Futures (F)
  • P1E Futures (LCH|SGX)
  • P2E Futures (LCH|SGX)
  • P3E Futures (LCH|SGX)
  • C3 Capesize Freight
    Futures (F)
  • C4 Capesize Freight
    Futures (F)
  • C5 Capesize Freight
    Futures (F)
  • C7 Capesize Freight
    Futures (F)

Dry Bulk Freight products are offered by EEX and Cleartrade Exchange.

> products offered by EEX

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange


  • CNW: Shanghai-North West Europe Futures (F) (LCH, SGX)

  • CSW: Shanghai-US West Coast Futures (F) (LCH, SGX)

Container freight products are offered by Cleartrade Exchange

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange

> Metals

Iron Ore

  • Iron Ore 62 % Fe CFR Tianjin (TSI) Futures (F)*3

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange


  • Ex Works, North European HRC (TSI) Futures (F|LCH)
  • Ex Works, South European HRC (TSI) Futures (F|LCH)

  • CFR Turkish Scrap (TSI) Futures (F|LCH)

Steel products are offered by Cleartrade Exchange.

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange

> Agricultural Commodities


  • European Processing Potato Futures (F)


> products offered by EEX

Dairy Products

  • Butter Futures (F)
  • Skimmed Milk Powder
    Futures (F)
  • European Whey Powder Futures (F)

> products offered by EEX

Livestock & Meat

  • Hog Futures (F)
  • Piglet Futures (F)

> products offered by EEX


  • DAP FOB NOLA Fertiliser Futures (F) 4
  • UAN FOB NOLA Fertiliser Futures (F) 4
  • Urea (Granular) FOB NOLA Fertiliser Futures (F) 4
  • DAP FOB Tampa Fertiliser Futures (F) 4
  • Urea (Granular) FOB Egypt Fertiliser Futures (F) 4
  • Urea (Prilled) FOB Yuzhnyy Fertiliser Futures (F) 4

More fertiliser products are offered by Cleartrade Exchange.

> products offered by Cleartrade Exchange

1 Argus – IHS McCloskey


3 “ARGUS Brent 901 Index”

4 “PLATTS Index”

5 “The Fertilizer Index” Argus Media, Fertecon, CRU; TSI – settled against TSI indices; LCH – Clearing via LCH.Clearnet; SGX – Clearing via Singapore Exchange

P Physical

F Financial

* Upcoming