UK Power Markets - The dawn of a new era

EEX has recently strengthened its engagement for the UK power market. This offering is designed particularly for the broker market with a product suite ranging from day to year futures which are available for clearing.

"We're convinced the time is right for a cleared solution for the UK Power market."

Norbert Anhalt, Senior Sales Manager



Advantages of trading UK power at EEX:

  • All UK power products are available for clearing via the LEBA energy brokers including full STP processes which make it easy to clear brokered transactions.
  • The UK Power product suite mirrors the Continental European contract structure especially with the possibility to clear Day Futures and Year Futures.
  • All EEX UK Power contracts are available for Trade Registration and are financially settled. Physical fulfillment via EPEX SPOT is also available.

 Trading Volume UK power market 2018

#eexpert Norbert Anhalt speaks about ...

Norbert Anhalt, Senior Sales Manager, speaks about the development of the UK Power market.