We develop European power markets

EEX is continuously expanding its range of products for the European power market in close cooperation with its customers. We aim at providing power trading for all major European markets along the whole curve.

On the subsequent pages, you will find an overview of our current initiatives.

Central and South-Eastern European Power Markets

Since the migration of PXE products onto the EEX platform, trading volumes in the Central and South-Eastern European power markets have grown continuously. Now, EEX will further extended its offering for these markets.

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UK Power Market

Trading activity in the UK power market has recently picked up. All products are available via the LEBA energy brokers including full STP processes.

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) Hedging

EEX allows hedging of price and counterparty risk for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) via its standard power future contracts.  

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Phelix-DE-Future – the most liquid financial power future contract in Europe

EEX has introduced power products for the German and Austrian price zones in April 2017. Those products are based on the indices for these price zones as calculated by EPEX SPOT. Since then, the Phelix-DE Future has firmly established itself as the benchmark product for European power along the whole curve.

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Energiewende Products

Against the background of the increasing importance of renewable energies in the market, EEX has launched a dedicated product suite for Energiewende Products.

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