Energiewende Products

Designing the power market of the future

The share of renewable energies in the power market is increasing continuously. As renewables cannot be planned in advance with total accuracy, EEX has introduced Energiewende products that allow for the adjustment of short-term positions. As a result, EEX actively supports the energy turnaround in Germany.

Cap Futures and Floor Futures

These products are cash-settled derivatives that allow hedging against price peaks (Cap Futures) and price lows (Floor Futures) on the German power intraday market up to 4 weeks in advance. The underlying of these contracts is the ID3-Price calculated by EPEX SPOT which refers to only 3 hours of trading before delivery.

Wind Power Futures

Increasing power generation from renewables (e.g. wind power), in combination with the uncertainty of weather, leads to a steadily growing price impact for conventional power revenues. At the same time, there is an expanding number of companies with considerable volume risk from their wind park portfolios. EEX offers an effective tool to manage both of these aspects.

EEX introduces Wind Power Futures as a standardised exchange-traded wind power derivative to enable the dedicated hedging of the wind power generation risk. The underlying is based on an internationally accredited index provided by EuroWind. Order book trading guarantees transparent pricing while counterparty risk is eliminated through clearing via ECC.