Power Futures

Exchange trading and trade registration of EEX power futures enable medium to long-term portfolio optimisation.

Our market participants have access to the most liquid financial power future contract in Europe – the Phelix-DE Future. After the split of the German and Austrian price zone, the Phelix-DE Future is the benchmark product for European power along the whole curve. Over the past months, trading volumes in the Austrian power market have also picked up significantly.

Our Service for the European Power Derivatives Markets

  • Standard (month, quarter, year) as well as short-term maturities (day, weekend, week futures) available for trading
  • Exchange trading and trade registration available from 8 am to 6 pm CET
  • Close customer support through our Market Operations team

Power Futures Product Overview

  • Belgian Future

  • Bulgarian Futures (PXE)

  • Czech Future (PXE)

  • Dutch Future

  • EEX GB Power Future

  • French Future

  • German Intraday Cap/Floor Future

  • Greek Base Future

  • Hungarian Future (PXE)

  • Italian Future

  • Nordic- Future

  • Phelix-AT Future

  • Phelix-DE Future

  • Phelix-DE/AT Future

  • Polish Future (PXE)

  • Romanian Future (PXE)

  • Serbian Future

  • Slovakian Future (PXE)

  • Slovenian (PXE)

  • Spanish-Future

  • Swiss-Future

  • Wind Power Future